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Garbage Bag Garbage Bag

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Biodegradable Garbage Bags – Greening the Bin

General Product Features

Biodegradable garbage bags degrade in landfills and dumps, ensuring that your garbage doesn’t break down before the bag that it is in does.  Some biodegradable bags are even compostable, allowing for easier disposal of food waste. 

Critics of the eco-revolutionary bag have said that they do not hold up well under moist conditions, so anything being thrown in the garbage should be dried off before placed in the garbage – a small sacrifice to make to live a little greener. 

How does it help the environment

The Chinese government recently banned plastic bags.  This includes all bags, not just garbage bags, but this move alone is predicted to save 37 million barrels of oil per year. 

PE, the substance from which most garbage bags are made, does not biodegrade or compost, and as such stays around in landfills and our oceans for much longer than it should.

Product Details

There are very specific conditions under which the biodegradable bags work.  The first is that they must be changed every three days, necessitating a fairly frequent garbage turnover.  The second is that they must be kept dry, so moist garbage should be dried off before it is disposed of.

Product Description

Compostable bags will compost within 10 to 45 days, depending on composting methods.  BioBags in particular are certified as compostable according to ASTM standards. 

Having breathable qualities not only makes these bags biodegradable, but it ensures that offensive odours don’t find a home in them.

What to look for when buying

In order to be truly effective, bags should advertise that they are both compostable and biodegradable.  As with any green product, you should do some research before you make it your regular brand. 

If you are ordering biodegradable bags online, consider splitting a case with your friends and family in order to save on both the real cost of shipping and the fossil fuel cost of shipping; buying one box at a time will also probably find you going back to “regular” garbage bags simply for the convenience of it.


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