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Corporate Executives have a responsibility to go green Corporate Executives have a responsibility to go green

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Corporate Executives

1. Gain a competitive advantage

By being attuned to popular concerns and adopting the most current green practices and technologies, you keep your business green. Staying ahead of environmental legislation in the countries in which you operate give you a competitive advantage by being seen as a forward-thinking organization, and by giving you access to multiple markets.

2. Save money

Many of the things you can do to make your business green are not only good for the environment, but also make economic sense. You'll find that implementing in-house environmental policies can save you money. If your business produces goods, you might find that you can sell some of your waste products. Alternately, you might find that you can buy the materials your company needs as the waste products from another company at a fraction of the "new" price. Saving power is another classic example.

3. Gain valuable time

When you live close to work, you cut out long commuting times, and make it easier to create work/life balance. Walking to work and avoiding rush hour traffic leaves you more time to focus on work and more time with your family.

4. Keep fit and healthy

By walking or biking to work and taking the stairs, you'll make the most of your commuting time by automatically building some exercise into your busy day.

5. Give back

Having accomplished success in your chosen career you may decide that it's time to give back to society. Leave a wonderful legacy by getting involved in green issues. After all, tomorrow's work force will be living in a world that you helped create.

6. Be a role model

As a successful corporate executive, you can be sure that many junior employees look up to you and are impressed by your success. They are likely to follow your lead. Show your responsibility and lead by example by adopting environmental practices yourself.

7. Manage your stress levels

Getting outdoors for some physical activity by gardening, hanging laundry to dry, using a push-mower for the lawn or walking to work can help you manage the stress that comes with being an executive. Get back to basics and give your mind a rest. By walking to work you avoiding rush-hour traffic and in turn avoid adding unnecessary stress to your day.

8. Retain your best employees

The best employees are increasingly attracted to responsible businesses and look for triple bottom line reporting. Attract the best by being the best: make sure environmental policies are a priority at your organization.

9. Build loyalty and a team spirit

By organizing some corporate "social" activities that address local environmental issues, employees from different departments in your organization get a chance to meet each other and work together as a team, helping to build loyalty and a healthy work environment.

10. Stay ahead of the curve

As an early adopter of environmentally friendly practices and technology, you don't have to worry about "going back" and rebuilding or re-organizing business systems and practices when new environmental legislation is introduced.

Submitted by SuperGreenMe on Sep 21, 2008