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Go green together, stay together Go green together, stay together
Get out and enjoy the environment!Fitness, eco friendly transport, good times!Yes! You can ride to work!Walking is the greenest mode of transportation.

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Top 10 Reasons to Go Green – Couples

1. Shared Purpose and Values - Sustainability

What's better for a relationship than connecting on deep level about something that matters to both of you? No matter what kind of relationship you have with your partner, the idea that you're making the world a better place, one little step at a time, will boost your ability to admire and relate to each other. And that's got to be a good thing.


2. Your (Potential) Future Children

So, if everything goes well and you decide to bring a child (or multiple children) into the world, you're both going to want the best possible future for those children. Being part of the solution to climate change will enable you to tell those children that you did your best to protect our fragile planet and make their lives as rich and beautiful as yours. Your children's future should include Venice and polar bears.


3. Eco Friendly Conversation Topic

Have you ever had a really awkward conversation at a dinner party with your partner? Going green is a great conversation topic when everyone runs out of things to talk about. People are interested by others who are trying to make positive change in their communities. Both of you can be great role models for groups of people who may not understand what kind of a problem our societies are facing in climate change. Even something as simple as promoting your local farmers' market can make a difference.


4. Saving Money by Going Green

Most of what you can do to fight climate change, including eating less red meat, reducing the amount of water you use when you brush your teeth or turning your computer off when you're not using it, can also save you a ton of money on bills. For a couple on a budget, it's the perfect way to cut the energy fat off your consumption. Then you'll have money to put towards other things, like buying gourmet and delicious locally farmed vegetables or a trip away.


5. Keep Fit Together

By not driving your car to work and taking your bicycles, you'll be motivating each other to keep in great shape while helping the planet. Think of all the exercise you could be getting if you both walked to the supermarket and carried small loads of groceries home in reusable bags. No need for expensive fitness clubs! Plus, you'll have time to actually talk to each other instead of saving time so you can stare at a television instead of strolling around your community.


6. Going Green is Romantic

What sounds more romantic to you? Sitting on a cliff after a hike watching an amazing sunset while snacking on some locally grown fruit OR driving around in traffic to pay 10 dollars for parking and then 30 dollars on a movie and then 20 dollars on greasy popcorn and pop? Most of what you can do in your daily lives to reduce your consumption is also pretty sexy. There's nothing like a long hike or a home-cooked meal to get you back in tune with each other.


7. Eco Challenge Each Other

One of the greatest stresses on a long-term relationship is the lack of excitement. By taking on the challenge of going green, you'll be introducing a whole new and exciting factor into your relationship. Keep track of how well you're doing and keep a chart on the fridge. Turn it into a friendly contest and you'll remind each other why you get along so well.


8. Set a Good Green Example

Some people say that it's hard to go green, but when your friends and families see the two of you going green so happily and with such ease, they'll be inspired! And when one of you has a day where all you want to do is take the car, encourage each other to take public transit instead of biking. There's always ways to reduce your consumption; you just need to be creative!


9. Reduce Your Stress

Who wants to sit in rush-hour traffic for hours on end each day? If you both take public transit you'll have time to read a book, maybe travel part of the way together and chat about how your days was. The exercise you get from biking will make your healthier and happier, and you'll never have to honk that car horn again.


10. Feel Good About Yourselves and Eco Achievements

In the end, it's all about feeling good. If you go green as a couple, you will be increasing the quality of your lives, your healthy and you conscience. Most people live lives that are too carbon intensive, and you'll be doing your best to reduce your own footprint on this beautiful planet of ours. That's enough to make you both feel good.

Submitted by SuperGreenMe on Oct 9, 2008