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Eco-Friendly Dating Eco-Friendly Dating

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Eco-Friendly Dating With Five Easy To Use Tips

The impact of human activity on the environment cannot fail to be a cause of concern to people; the effect is to such an extent that a large majority among people may have decided to be eco-friendly to do their bit to save the eco-friendly dating environment. Many people are incorporating eco-friendly measures in their daily activities, on vacation, in the products they buy and while choosing modes of transportation. Many couples take a deliberate decision to be environmentally friendly - singles are not an exception to that rule.
Singles go one step further in choosing partners who share their eco-ethics and make eco-consciousness a criterion while looking for partners to date. If you want to be eco-friendly, you may not want to have a partner who is insensitive to eco-issues. It is a well-established fact that singles leave a larger carbon footprint as compared to couples. This reason alone has motivated many green singles to look for like-minded people while eco-friendly dating.

Five Tips To Help You During An Eco-Friendly Date


Eco-Friendly Dating # Tip 1 - Volunteer For Green Events

If you want to make a difference to the environment, there can be no better way to do so than in the company of other people with the same ideals. The probability of finding a potential date at such occasions is very high. Green couples can also do their bit for the eco-friendly ecology by contributing voluntarily to eco-issues. Networking with other greens also betters your chances at green dating. Online green dating websites allow you to find a green mate of eco-friendly your choice.

Eco-Friendly Dating # Tip 2 - Opt For Eco-Friendly Methods of Locomotion


Surprise your date by choosing a place to which you can walk to or ride a bike. Choose the route in advance to include romantic locales to put you in the right mood. Do not neglect to include safety gear like helmets and knee guards in case you are biking to the venue. Environmentally friendly transportation modes have dual benefits - you do not pollute the eco-friendly dating environment and you stay healthy and fit.


Eco-Friendly Dating # Tip 3 - Give Your Date Eco-Friendly Gifts

Bring your date organic or fair trade flowers. These flowers are grown through sustainable farming and by ensuring fair wages to those producing them. Organic flowers have very less impact on the environment eco-friendly dating as compared to flowers that are grown using non-organic methods. You could opt for either organic flowers or organic potted plants.

Eco-Friendly Dating # Tip 4 - Go eco-dating

A date that involves activities with little or no environmental impact could be an excellent option for the eco-daters to exercise. Instead of going to an amusement park, consider taking a hike. Take organically grown food on the eco-friendly date and bring your garbage back for disposing appropriately.

Eco-Friendly Dating # Tip 5 - Take Your Date To Restaurants Serving Organic Food

Restaurants that provide organic food and food produced locally contribute to lessening the environmental eco-friendly impact arising from activities related to packaging, farming and transportation of goods. It also encourages sustainable farming in communities that benefit from this policy.

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