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Go green, eco friendly, sustainable, environment Go green, eco friendly, sustainable, environment

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Everything you need to know about 'Going Green' but were too afraid to ask!


This term refers to the ability of a process to indefinitely sustain itself, such as the process of life on Earth. In order to live all beings consume natural resources, which must be replenished at an equal rate if the balance is to be sustainable. Recently it has come to light that human beings are not living in a sustainable manner, meaning that we are using up natural resources faster than they can be replenished.


Climate Change

Climate change in general refers to any long term change in local or global weather pattern when measured over a number of years. Climate also includes temperature, precipitation, days of sunlight, and other indicators. When climate change is used in an environmentalist sense it is usually meant to indicate negative changes in the climate such as global warming.


Carbon Diet

A carbon diet is similar to a food diet in that it focuses on the fact that less is more. Each person has a carbon footprint, which is the amount of greenhouse gases we release be driving,  heating our homes, and operating all of our modern technology. In order to go on a carbon diet a person or business must first measure its carbon footprint, and then start by cutting out the most wasteful practices first. 


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