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SuperGreenMe Help & FAQs SuperGreenMe Help & FAQs


General Questions

What exactly does ‘global warming' mean?

Click the following link to learn more: Global Warming


What exactly does ‘climate change' mean?

Click the following link to learn more: Climate Change


What exactly does ‘sustainable living' mean?

Click the following link to learn more: Sustainable living


Questions About SuperGreenMe

How do I use SuperGreenMe?

Click the following link to learn about how to get the most from SuperGreenMe's information, tools and online services: Our Offering to YOU


Who is SuperGreenMe?

Click here to learn more about SuperGreenMe.


Do you have any job vacancies?

From time to time, SuperGreenMe has job vacancies. All open positions are listed on the SuperGreenMe Jobs page of this website.


How can I make a donation?

If you are interested in donating to SuperGreenMe, please click here to visit our online donation page. You will receive a confirmation email for your records.

We prefer to receive your donation online to minimize environmental impact of postal mail. However, if you would prefer to send us a check or are not able to donate online, please contact us and our development staff will follow up with you. 


Does SuperGreenMe have any school materials?

Unfortunately, SuperGreenMe has not prepared any specialized material for educational purposes. However, teachers and students may use all information on the site for educational purposes only.

Please Write to us and let us know what great eco projects you are up to!

We would like to develop this type of content in the near future, so if you would like to collaborate with us on such a project, please Contact Us


Is it okay for me to link to SuperGreenMe?

We encourage anyone to link to from their website or blog. For more guidance and instructions on how to help us in other ways or link to us, please click here


Can I use material on SuperGreenMe?

Anyone is welcome to quote information on this website, as long as is referenced as the source and it is used under "fair use" guidelines. If you publish any material from this site online, you must reference as the source and provide a link to


Where is SuperGreenMe based?

SuperGreenMe is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. However, we have an internationally focused and internationally travelled team who want to ‘Gather ideas from around the world to secure our planets' future'.


What is the purpose of SuperGreenMe?

We aim to provide information and tools to the public which is free, understandable, and practical. SuperGreenMe wants to clarify and demonstrate all of the benefits of sustainable living:

  • Living in an eco friendly fashion is good for your wallet, health, fitness, soul and its great for the planet!
  • Small changes in daily habits add up quickly to make a significant difference.
  • Small or large investments to go green get paid back from an efficiency, health, cost and carbon reduction perspective.
  • Sustainable living is not an insurmountable hurdle. It is a combination of small achievable steps, which add up quickly to make a real difference for your life and for humanity and mother earth.


The SuperGreenMe Mission:

  1. To encourage adoption of existing technology which allows people to save significant amounts of energy, water and reduce carbon emissions.
  2. To create a community of like minded people who want to live in a more sustainable life. To give this community the tools to share ideas, information and motivation to go green.
  3. To capture support and develop an unstoppable ground swell of community action and opinion which forces governments and corporations to make tough choices and fully embrace sustainable commerce and habitation.


Membership Questions

Do I have to register/become a member to use

No you don't. All of the information on is available to everyone and it is free.

However, if you would like to use the many tools on (E.g. submit and article, chat on the forum, rate or comment on an article, list your business in the directory, create a profile, etc.) you are required to register to become a member. If you are not a member, and you try to use any of these features, you will be prompted to register.  It is very quick and easy to register.


I don't know how to become a member, where so I register?

If you would like to register to become a member, click here.


I don't know my username and password. Can you send it to me?

Click here to recover your username and password.


What are member ‘Activity Points'?

Member activity points are points which you ‘earn' when you contribute to the SuperGreenMe website/community. They are designed to be a measure of your contribution.


How do I ‘earn' member ‘Activity Points'?

You earn Activity Points by contributing to in the following ways:

Submit an article:              20 points

Invite a friend via SuperGreenMe link, who joins:             10 points

Rate an article:                  1 point

Comment on an article:      2 points


What are the Member ‘Activity Points' used for?

Member Activity Points have no cash value. Member Activity Points can not be redeemed for any gifts or cash prizes. These points earn you ‘kudos' within the SuperGreenMe community and in the eyes of the team.



Submitted by Admin on Jul 29, 2008