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Eco- Friendly Cooking Eco- Friendly Cooking

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Five Tips For Cooking The Environmentally Friendly Way

If you happen to enjoy making Sunday brunch for your loved ones or regularly make dinner from soup cans, the way you prepare every meal - from your personal type of stove to your tactics of cooking - plays a part in the environment. Eco-friendly cooking is actually easy to follow and do with these simple steps.

Eco- Friendly Cooking # Tip 1 - Purchase Environmentally Friendly Cookware

Cooking with environmentally friendly pots may not save sauces from curdling; however, it could cut down your overall use of your kitchen's energy and make sure that harmful chemicals never hurt the eco-friendly cooking family or the pets.
When looking for environmentally friendly cookware, you should look for long-lasting cookware that is ideal for the eco-friendly cooking kind of cooking that you work with the most. Having the proper pan for eco-friendly cooking could make or break a cooked meal, but it will also ensure that you make use of less energy and fewer resources as you cook. Here are several tips to save you both energy and money as you shop:
- Search for copper, aluminum or cast iron cookware.
- Purchase individual pieces.
- Shop for recycled material cookware.
- Opt for oven-safe pieces.
- Purchase used cookware.
- Purchase pieces with lids.
- Purchase flat-bottomed pans and pots.

Eco- Friendly Cooking # Tip 2 - Purchase Flameless Solar Ovens

Do not slave over your stove. Instead, make use of solar energy for eco-friendly cooking that is healthy, free of emissions and completely eco-friendly. Smoke that wafts out of your grill may smell appetizing, but they also contribute to air pollution and even harm's human health. If you want to go green as you grill, opt for environmentally friendly solar power as an alternative through smokeless and flameless solar ovens.

Eco- Friendly Cooking # Tip 3 - Purchase Gas Stoves

Cooking with natural gas stoves is eco-friendly and energy efficient since fuel is directly used for cooking unlike electricity. In fact, a lot of professional cooks would rather cook on gas burners due to the immediate response and control that the eco-friendly cooking flame provides. You can even benefit from lower gas stove operating costs.

Eco- Friendly Cooking # Tip 4 - Opt For Self-Cleaning Convection Ovens

While self-cleaning ovens are better at insulation, convection ovens are able to cook food much faster. With both of these features put together, you will end up with an environmentally friendly kitchen that is not only quicker but will also save you tons of energy. Although appliances for cooking aren't generally energy-efficient, purchasing self-cleaning convection ovens would be a huge step towards improvement. They feature fans that circulate heated air on a regular basis around the food, significantly reducing eco-friendly cooking times and temperature.

Eco- Friendly Cooking # Tip 5 - Practice Tips on Energy-Saving Cooking

Always cook with lids on your pot to save more energy and make eco-friendly cooking a much faster process. There are several easy ways to save both money and energy, as follows:
- Always cover your pans and pots to retain heat.
- Keep your stovetop shiny and clean to reflect more heat into your cookware.
- Eliminate or at least minimize pre-heating.
- Bake with cast iron, ceramic or glass cookware to retain more heat.
- Maximize oven usage by making multiple or large dishes there.
- Use smaller ovens to heat leftovers.
- Keep oven racks very clear for better airflow.
- Do not peek into the oven to prevent temperature drops.
- Use the proper cooking appliances, as needed.

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