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Eco-Friendly Cat Eco-Friendly Cat

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Four Tips To How You Can Make That Cat Eco-Friendly

There are many people who would prefer to have a cat eco-friendly as opposed to a dog. Yet, having a feline friend is quite a big responsibility. There's the food you must feed it, the kitty litter, the flea control, all of which directly affects the environment. Being eco-friendly enough would mean that people have to take full responsibility for their pets and ensure that they will be living a greener life.  There are various ways to go green with cats.

Four Tips To Make Your Feline Friend An Eco-Friendly Feline Friend


Eco-Friendly Cat # Tip 1 - Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

How many times have you heard you need to have your cat spayed or neutered? This is a task any responsible pet owner needs to do. There are so many feral stray cats eco-friendly that tend to attack people and other pets. Stray and feral cats can give quite a problem. Female cats can make up to three times a year, birthing at least three kittens per time. When you neuter your male cat, you're actually improving his health. He will be more resistant to prostrate diseases, infections and testicular cancer.

Not only do you improve your cat's health, you are also protecting the local wildlife and helping to lessen the burden on your local animal shelters. You can visit your nearest veterinarian to have your cat neutered or spayed.


Eco-Friendly Cat # Tip 2 - Choose Healthier Cat Food

During 2007, there were several pet food recalls because an ingredient called melamine was causing the deaths of many cats.  This kind of disaster in the future will be easily avoided. Instead of worrying about what your eco-friendly cat food contains all the time, you can consider eco-friendly cat food for your favorite feline by making your own. Cats need a diet of meat, bones and organs. Add taurine to the diet so that the food is healthier. However, if you don't have time for this... make sure you read the labels on the cat food you intend to buy.

Eco-Friendly Cat # Tip 3 - Green The Waste

Cat litter is one of the biggest problems in a lot of cities. It is one of the biggest contributors to pollution in the environment. When feces are flush down the toilet, it pollutes the waterways. Cat feces contain pathogens that are dangerous enough to cause diseases. Composting cat eco-friendly litter is also not good idea, as this might do more harm than good since it will pollute its surroundings.
Five Ways To Dispose Of Cat Litter Safely
- Find a good and safe place to bury your cat's feces. It has to be far from the gas and water pipes; a place where it can do no damage of spreading contamination.
- When you find a good place, dig a hole there no lesser than one foot deep.
- Bury your cat's feces.
- Add some decomposable waste and mix it thoroughly. Make sure you have crushed the feces into very small unrecognizable pieces.
- Lastly, cover it with soil. Make sure you have covered it well and prevented it from being smelled by other animals.

Eco-Friendly Cat # Tip 4 - Use Natural Flea Control

Fleas can be found in dirty animals. To avoid this, just bathe your cats eco-friendly with natural shampoo made out of natural flea repelling herbs. Then powder them with natural powder made from citronella, eucalyptus and other aromatic herbs. Good grooming will help your cat eco-friendly be healthier and happier.

Submitted by theecoguru on Nov 26, 2009