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Save electricity and have a candlelit dinner. Save electricity and have a candlelit dinner.
Give organic chocolates as a gift. Babies are beautiful, but can be environmentally draining.Walk instead of driving and tone that sexy body!

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Get a Green Sex Life

Top Ten Ways to Get a Green Sex Life

As creatures of impulse we human beings rarely pause to think about getting a green sex life, because most of the time we simply focus on having one at all! But becoming environmentally conscientious is a process that leaves no rock unturned, so here we explore how you can help out the earth and have a fun romp in bed as well. Follow these tips, go green in bed, and have fun!

1. Night is a Great Time to Turn off the Heater

Winter can be cold and unforgiving, but your partner can be warm and inviting. You can save oodles of energy by turning off the thermostat at night and warming the bed with some creative and vigorous exercise.

2. Use a Latex Condom

Let's face it, children are beautiful and precious, but overpopulation is a huge problem on our planet. If you aren't ready for a little one a latex condom is the best way to go. It prevents both pregnancy and STD's, which lambskin condoms do not protect against. It is unknown whether latex is biodegradable, but it is certainly better than polyurethane (aka plastic) which is definitely not biodegradable. A green sex life is a safe sex life!

3. Buy Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

A recent survey found that 43% of Americans have used a vibrator, and chances are many more folks are in the closet about their "adult toys". While toys can be stimulating and a great friend when no one else is around, many contain phthalates, chemicals which are used to soften hard plastics like PVCs. Recently phthalates have come under fire for toxicity issues, and you certainly don't want toxic chemicals around your tender regions. Stick with toys made from glass, silicone, or hard plastics to remain safe. Also, use rechargeable batteries in your vibrating toys to avoid filling landfills with toxic batteries.

4. Be Wary of Chemicals When You Lube Up

If you are going to drive a car it better be well oiled, and the same thing goes for your green sex life. Beware though, many lubricants are petroleum based and include fragrances or flavors made from unpronounceable chemicals. Steer away from these chemical cocktails and go for products made with natural ingredients. There are even organic formulas to be found, if you look hard enough.

5. Stoke the Fire with an Eco-Friendly Gift

Both women and men love the foreplay and anticipation prior to sex. Why not get your lover excited with an eco-friendly gift, such as organic chocolates pr fair trade massage oils? The fact that you care enough to get a gift and think about the earth will be a real turn on.

6. Slip on Something Sexy...and Organic

Lingerie can be a great turn on, but many of the materials used to make lingerie are hardly conducive to a green sex life. Polyesters especially (like in fake leather) are bad for the environment because they are petroleum based. Instead, look for organic cottons and bamboo, which is soft and drapes like silk.

7. Turn off the Lights

Start with a candlelit dinner and then move to the bedroom, forgetting about the light switch for the evening. You can save electricity and enjoy a romantic evening with your partner. In fact, leave all electric devices off for a night and see how quiet and peaceful your house can become...for a while at least.

8. Eat More Vegetables

That's right, some salad on your plate could make you a better lover and a better eco-citizen. Did you know that half of the fresh water used in the US goes to livestock? By eating less meat you lessen the demand on the earth that comes from raising animals for consumption. Many vegans and tri athletes also swear that vegetables help improve stamina in bed.

9. Take a Shower Together

How does halving your shower time water consumption and get frisky sound? You can get a greener sex life simply by showering together, which conserves gallons of water. It's also a great time to bond, and soap can be a lot of fun...

10. Find a Green Lover

Nothing is a bigger turn off than finding out your partner drives a gas guzzler and thinks littering is hilarious. Find someone who shares your environmental ideas and work together, both in and out of bed, to make the world a better place.


Submitted by supergreenme on Nov 1, 2008