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Go Green Power: 10 Tips On Changing Your Lights

Light. It makes it easier for people to see what is around them in the dark. However, it makes a tremendous impact on the Earth's environment. There are all kinds of bulbs, power, fixtures and habits that can be changed that will save the environment. For instance, an incandescent bulb will put out around 10 percent of green light energy while the rest of it is heat. If you want further information about how a change in lighting can make an impact on the Earth, read the ten tips listed below.

10 Tips On Going Green With Lighting

Green With Lighting Tip #1 - Compact Florescent Bulbs

The compact florescent bulb is a better bulb than most that are out there. They generally last longer and only use a quarter of the energy that incandescent bulbs tend to use. Economic wise they are a steal. Look at it this way: CFLs may cost a pretty penny in the beginning but actually pay for themselves after nearly 500 hours of use. If you are not buying green light bulbs all the time, think of the money you are keeping in your pocket.

Green With Lighting Tip #2 - Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is very energy efficient and last a long time. They are fast becoming the must need green light bulb but still cost more than the CFLs. Why are they so popular? They last much longer and use less energy. In fact, an LED light bulb will reduce energy use by nearly 90 percent and will last up to 100,000 hours. LED are good in cars because they light up faster than regular lights. While they are expensive, prices are on the downward trend.

Green With Lighting Tip #3 - Light Materials

Lights do not always been green light bulbs. In fact, you can have eco-friendly lamps for your light source. If you want a lamp, look for ones that have been recycled, made from natural materials or were created from reused material. What kind of recycled materials can lights be made from? They include: plastic, metal and glass. Light from natural materials includes cloth, felt and wood.

Green With Lighting Tip #4 - Fluorescent Bulbs

You already know that fluorescent bulbs last for a long time. However, disposing of them can be a challenge. Like the CFLs bulbs, fluorescent bulbs contain trace amounts of mercury. For that reason, they just cannot be thrown away in regular garbage. Currently, there is no information regarding the best way to recycle LEDs.

Green With Lighting Tip #5 - Power Adapters

You know what power adapters are. There the big electrical things that is on many lamps or light fixtures. You'll even find them on certain electronics. Even after you turn the light or device off, they are warm and draw energy from the wall. One of the best things that you can do is unplug the device until you need it again or place it on a power strip. Find a smart power strip that will know when the device is on or off.

Green With Lighting Tip #6 - Solar Light

The sun gives off light each day and you can make the most of the sun's rays by leaving your blinds open. This will help you to cut down on the electric bill. If you want to further reduce your bill and make use of the sunlight, redesign your home and add a skylight. Place plenty of windows on your home's south side to bring in the green light. There are kinds of ways to harness sunlight to your benefit.

Green With Lighting Tip #7 - Change Your Habits

When no one is in a room or asleep, turn off the lights. Once you do it enough, it's just natural to turn off the green light as you leave the room.

Green With Lighting Tip #8 - Take Matters Into Your Hands

Don't wait for someone else to come along with a great "how to save energy" light. Find it yourself. There are all kinds of things that you can do to make a light.You just have to find it.

Green With Lighting Tip #9 - Install Motion Sensors

If you want to ensure that Green Light are not always on, especially on the outside of your home, install motion sensors that can tell when something (or someone) who is coming to your home. You can also use timers for your home especially if you plan on going on vacation. These are great deterrents for burglars.

Green With Lighting Tip #10 - Buy Green Power

If you are trying to get into the go-green movement, buy green power. Electric companies are now offering this to their customers. It's a bit more than money each month on your electric bill but you'll be using renewable sources such as solar, wind, etc.

Submitted by theecoguru on Nov 18, 2009