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Organic cotton sheets are a green choice any day! Organic cotton sheets are a green choice any day!
CFL's are four to five times more efficient than traditional bulbs.Use EnergryStar appliances in your home.Buy used furniture or make what you have new by using a slipcover.Eat organic.

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Go Green at Home

Eco Friendly House - Your Complete Guide to a Sustainable Home

If you want to start living a greener life the first and best place to start is in your own home. But don't think that going green in your home is all about buying fancy and expensive products, sometimes being eco-friendly at home can actually save you money! Start with small things and work your way up to the big ones over time, and make green living at home a lifestyle and not just a fad. To help you on your quest to greeness we'll walk you through an eco-friendly home room by room. Have fun discovering how to make your house green!

Your Guide to an Eco Friendly KITCHEN

Make your kitchen the first green room in your house

The kitchen is the one area of the house where we lose the most energy and create the most waste. Thus, the best place to start going green in your house is the kitchen. From wasted water to phantom power drains and processed foods a green home really does begin in your kitchen. These 10 tips for going green in your kitchen should help get you started!

Top 10 ways to go green in your KITCHEN

And now its time to focus your efforts! Green your appliances, one by one:

How to make your Refrigerator Eco Friendly


Go Green in the BATHROOM

Learn how to conserve precious fresh water

Wow! Did you know that the average American uses 60 gallons of water taking a shower every day? The rest of the world averages 2.5 gallons total per day. Obviously there's a lot each person can to to halt rampant water wasting. Think about reusing gray water in your garden, and installing a low-flow shower head. For more ideas visit:

 Top 10 Ways to Go Green in Your Bathroom


How to Create a Sustainable BACKYARD

Say goodbye to the huge grassy lawn

You can make a huge environmental impact both indoors and outdoors in your home. The backyard, if handled improperly, can be a pit of water waste and chemical pesticides. If you have a green yard however, you can contribute to the health of the planet. Start by replacing the acres of lawn with trees and shrubs, and introduce natural predators like the cute ladybug instead of using pesticides. For more ideas on how to create an eco-friendly backyard visit: 

Top 10 Ways to Go Green in Your Backyard


Going Green in the LAUNDRY

 Ditch the chemical cleaners

Did you know that most commercial laundry detergents have ingredients which are toxic to humans and our water ways? These are even chemicals which can be replaced with safe ingredients, albeit at a slightly higher price. If you want to become an eco-friendly washer launder clothes only when needed and go chemical free. To find out which chemicals are harmful and what else you can do to go green in the laundry visit:

Go Green with Your Laundry


Yes! Being Green in the BEDROOM can be Sexy

 Use body heat, not baseboards!

What sounds more fun than cuddling up with your sweetie on a cold night? Why, turning off the heater and saving energy while you do it of course! There are also other things you can do to turn your bedroom into a green masterpiece, such as buying an eco-friendly latex mattress which doesn't off gas. To find out what other environmental pitfalls exist in your bedroom, and what you can do about them, visit the link below.

Top Ten Ways to Go Green in Your Bedroom


Reducing your FAMILY ROOM Carbon Footprint

 The family room is the hub of the household, but most people haven't tapped into its green potential. By making simple changes like unplugging electronics and relying on natural, rather than artificial light, you can become an energy efficient and green household. If you think you could be greener in your living or family room, click on the link below to find out how! 

 Top Ten Ways to Go Green in Your Living Room




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