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Accessing a file on a computer is far easier than digging through a stack of paper. Accessing a file on a computer is far easier than digging through a stack of paper.
Carpooling saves gas and is fun!Files can be depressing and take up a lot of space!

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Go Green in the Office

 The office can be gray and bland, unless it's green!

Most of us spend more time in the workplace than we do at home or with our families. In fact, a majority of our lives will be spent in the workplace. Your office is one place where your actions can have a huge environmental impact. From going paperless to stopping the phantom power drain you can help your office become a greener place with just a few simple adjustments. Read on if you want to change your workplace, and your world!


Printing and Paper

Eco friendly paper usage and printing in the office

Many predicted that with the advent of faster computers and the internet the file cabinets full of paper that seem ubiquitous at every office would be a thing of the past. We have lightening fast computers, and we're still stuck with tons of paper. To stop the rampant paper consumption start keeping files in your computer, and don't print unless you absolutely have to. Buy recycled and minimally processed paper in order to help negate the environmental toll paper making has.

There are so many things which can be done! The paperless office is really achievable if you put your mind to it. For more ideas on how to be a paper and printing eco friendly office, click the links below:

Sustainable Paper Practices in the Office 

Paperless Office



Soaring gas prices don't have to be a pain!

With the recent crazy fluctuations in gas prices people are starting to seek alternatives to the traditional traffic jam packed commute to work. Many people are turning to public transportation, but you have other options as well! Walking or biking provides great exercise and has no carbon impact. Carpooling is also a great way to reduce your fuel consumption, and gives you access to those speedy commuter lanes. Don't forget about telecommuting either! Many offices are now letting their employees work from home part time. For more commuting ideas visit:

Eco-Friendly Commuting  

Energy Consumption

Stop the energy drain in your workplace

Workplaces are some of the biggest energy sucking culprits out there. Just step into an office and you'll hear a persistent buzz of copiers, computers, and printers. To stop the power drain there are several things you can do at work. Turn off your computer every night, and put all your office equipment on power strips which can be turned off to stop the drain of phantom energy. You can also petition your superiors or maitenance people to start using CFL bulbs for lighting. For more ideas on how to have a energy efficient office visit:

 Top Ten Ways to Reduce your Office Energy Consumption


Parties, Morning Tea and Functions

Office parties can be eco-friendly

Office parties can be the stuff of environmental nightmares! From cheesy paper streamers to disposable utensils and plates, a poorly executed office part can leave your trash cans full of waste and your employees stuffed full of junk food. Have a green office party by hanging reusable party decorations and using washable cutlery. Consider having a potluck instead of ordering out, the food will be healthier and you will get a wide range of tasty and interesting dishes. Also, consider giving awards to eco-friendly workers, which boosts morale for people who take the initiative to be green in the office. For more ideas visit:

Top Ten Tips to Go Green at your Next Office Party

Everything Else!

Being an eco-friendly executive and travelling green

For tips on how to be an eco-friendly corporate traveller, from buying carbon offsets to taking the train, please visit:

 Eco-friendly Corporate Travel

For professionals it's important to be eco-friendly. Why? Visit our links below to find out!

Corporate Executives  

 Young Professionals


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