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Gourmet Foods at Paradise Bay

How many of us are guilty of taking out the usual frozen meals from the frozen foods section of our local shop and dining on them most nights of the week? For how many of us is dining out on fast food or getting a takeaway considered a luxury? We are all guilty of spending very little time thinking about what we are putting in our bodies and how harmful these foods are when it comes to nourishment. Seldom do we find ourselves feasting on fresh seafood and delicious vegetables, prepared by the best chefs from around the world. Well, if you are looking for the perfect honeymoon spot or a great place to take your next trip away then Paradise Bay could be for you. At Paradise Bay you can sample a wide variety of tastes and flavours from the local area and know that it is the freshest food you will possibly ever eat.

Gourmet Chefs

At Paradise Bay, all of the chefs come highly skilled and qualified with years of experience in gourmet dining. For a taste experience you will never forget, you will have most definitely come to the right place.

The resort prides itself on taking the most from its natural resources in every sense of the word, but is even more proud of its ability to give back, which is why much of the greenery around the complex is fertilised by waste compost. Its commitment to fresh food prepared on site and without the use of imported products means that every meal you eat at Paradise Bay will be truly unforgettable.

All Your Meals

From breakfast to supper you will feast on the finest foods made by your chef who is based at the resort throughout the season. Pastries, hot foods, cereals, and eggs are all available every morning as well as freshly baked goods too. For lunch, why not take a boat trip around the Whitsundays and take a picnic with you.

When it gets to the evening and you are ready for your evening meal you will not be disappointed. Every course from your starter to desert is made freshly, including hand-rolled pasta and the very finest cuts of meat brought from the mainland.
And for your drinks? Every course and every dish comes with a recommended wine for you to enjoy it with. Or you could choose from our fine list of cocktails. The choice, quite simply, is yours. Everything at Paradise Bay is designed to cater for your every taste.  Check it out in more detail in this video!

The Perfect Dining Experience

The landscapes are one of the best parts of your dining experience because throughout the day, wherever you choose to eat, you will be surrounded by the most picturesque views you will have ever seen. Whether you have chosen a boat ride or a snack on the beach or dinner on the veranda among the other guests, you will have the opportunity to take in some fantastic scenery. All of the guests at Paradise Bay are actively encouraged to make the most of what is out there and find out more about the location for themselves.

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Paradise Bay offers a unique blend of eco and luxury set in a brilliant contrast of sun-soaked beaches, crystal clear water and pristine untouched wilderness full of friendly local wildlife. It’s the ultimate in romantic, environmentally friendly island getaways – your own piece of Paradise in the Whitsundays.
Submitted by Paradise Bay on Oct 14, 2011