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Leave a sustainable legacy for your family Leave a sustainable legacy for your family
Learn to go green - keep your mind activeGet outside - take your grandkids fishing

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Ten Reasons Why Grandparents Should Go Green

1. You just might finally have the time

The golden years can be an opportunity to take the time and do things right.  Take the time now to make your own food from local ingredients (savour the fresh taste), really research the most environmentally friendly products and investments, recycle everything, travel by train or bus instead of plane, make your own stuff, and more.

2. Great for your body - helps you stay healthy

Walking, biking, taking the stairs instead of elevators, using that push mower, growing your own food in your garden and hanging your clothes on a line … all these green actions mean fewer machines and more of your muscles which can be good for your health.

3. A great way to keep sociable

Green travel in social groups, eco-friendly locales, carpooling, going to hear speakers and working with environmental groups, and starting your own eco-business in your second career. Going green can be a great way to keep getting 'out there'.

4. A wonderful legacy to leave

Society needs to change and for that we’re going to need people with knowledge, experience, time or monetary resources.  As an older person with wisdom, you just might be able to offer these kinds of things.  Green legacies come in many forms.  Maybe you can help train people in a green cause or maybe you could lead that cause.  Maybe you help by making an off-grid home or building, or donating money to an organization.  There are so many ways to make a lasting contribution. Come on Grandma, Grandpa, get involved for your families future! They will remember you for it.

5. Because you have more freedom to speak and act

Now that you have retired you might just have the freedom you might feel you need to really speak your mind or otherwise act on environmental and related eco issues. Governments and corporations are really taking a long time to act in a meaningful, sustainable way, we need people to lobby them!

6. Helps your mind, heart and body keep young and refreshed

Its no secret that an active mind is a secret to living longer. Daring to be positive and to minimize your cynicism on these issues is one way to bring out that younger person in you.  Learn new things, do new things, meet new people and regain enthusiasm by going green. 

7. Reconnect with all things local - be an important elder in the community

Maybe you have had a long career in a specialized field and you have not taken the blinders off in a while.  Reconnecting with local issues from waste planning to urban development and local food might be a way to reconnect with issues you had forgotten were actually pretty near and dear to you.

8. Be a trendsetter - helps you stay hip and cool

Impress your kids and grandkids, or anyone else who is watching, as you drop by in your green vehicle, or show them around your solar array.  Slip in some key green lingo and watch the jaws drop and smiles radiate from faces.

9. A great way to structure your time

If you have read this far in the list, you have probably been reminded that there are plenty of positive and green ways to fill and structure that big open space called retirement. Use it as a way to put something back into the world which has given you a great life.

10. Show off your thrift - save money

Most people shift to a fixed income with time.  Greening your home, transport and household purchasing is a win-win way to both help the environment and buffer against rising costs.

Submitted by SuperGreenMe on Sep 10, 2008