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Green Grilling – From Big Green Eggs to Ceramic BBQ's


Fossil Fuel Consumption

While the BBQ may seem like an innocuous place for fuel consumption, if you add up all of that propane hundreds of millions of gallons are used in the US alone.  This fossil fuel could be used for home heating or something a little more useful than cooking your food outdoors. 

While 98% of the gas grills on the market are propane, 2% are natural gas.  It can be argued that the energy cost that you are saving by not using an electric stove is made up for in fossil fuel production and consumption in either case. 


Go Green Living Tips

Get Natural Charcoal

If you already have a BBQ that uses charcoal, the greenest charcoal on the market is Kothur, or coconut husk charcoal.  There are others that are made from non fossil-fuel sources as well.

Use Cylinder Exchange And Disposal Services

Through reuse programs, most propane companies ensure that your propane cylinders are either reused or properly disposed of.  These are available at most outlets that sell propane.

Super Green Me Tips

Product Lifecycle

While the temptation is there to get rid of your old gas bbq and green it up with a new one, try to tough it out until the end of the product’s lifecycle.  When major parts like the grill itself start failing, that is when you want to consider replacing it.

Buy a Ceramic BBQ

Ceramic BBQ’s that use natural charcoal are by far the greenest way to grill.  Current ceramic grills are updates on an old Japanese technology, known as “kamado”.  In these grills food is cooked with a hot, humid smoke that is kept at an evenly high temperature throughout the grill.  The Big Green Egg is the most popular of these BBQ's.

Grill Dome

The Grill Dome offers an oven similar to the tandoor oven used in India.  It guarantees optimal performance in any kind of weather, handy when you want to get your tandoori on for Christmas Eve in Alaska! 

Effectiveness / Result

The Facts

In 2003, 378 million gallons of propane had been used in the US market alone specifically for barbeques.


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