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Could you lend us a hand? Could you lend us a hand?

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Could you lend us a hand?

If you're reading this, you are clearly special as you understand the importance of working together.  Small actions embraced by many people makes a huge difference.


We love having you on board and are excited to share this vision! 


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Why Help?

It is a big challenge to change society's views on consumption. But it's not impossible.  Our individual actions add up, are compounded and ultimately directly affect each other.

While ‘going green' is topical at the moment, we have hardly scratched the surface when it comes to implementing sustainable living practices.

SuperGreenMe feels it is necessary to maintain the current public momentum for environmental action. We are at the cross roads for our planets survival, and we need to lead our global community down the right path!

The same way our daily actions impact each other negatively, we can also use this co-operative cause and effect theory for good purposes.

By promoting SuperGreenMe and in turn creating awareness about eco-friendly ideas for use by your community, you are making a signification contribution toward the ground swell of public support for the ‘going green' sustainable living movement.

We want to create the largest online eco community on the internet, real people sharing practical ideas and creating real change.  We need your help and we love you for it!!

A referral is a genuine act of kindness and we appreciate it more than you know. The site is a sensational offering for all.

In saying that, all are welcome to contribute to make it the best it can be! We welcome any volunteers - from authors, activists, promoters etc. - who would like to share their time and expertise to cultivate this service!


How you can help:

Level of effort required - LOW

Just Visit! Explore the site, and come back often.

Content is constantly being added, so visit SuperGreenMe daily to keep informed. Take the time to explore all of the articles, videos, photos and tools at your disposal.


Bookmark and share online

Bookmark SuperGreenMe in your favourites, or better yet, set us as your browser home page (For Internet Explorer go to: Tools, Internet Options, General).

We encourage you to bookmark/share any (or every!) page on SuperGreenMe with your favourite social networking site. Just click the white ‘Bookmark' button which appears on every page to share that particular page with MySpace, Facebok,, Digg, etc.


Tell your friends

Yes, it's that easy! Just tell your friends about Super Green Me or email them about us using the 'Introduce a Friend' link in the ‘My Account' member area (you are required to sign up and become a member first).


Provide financial support

This site is privately funded. We have many ideas with our plans for the future including much additional content and value added web 2.0 tools. However, we are constrained by the limited financial resources we have available. If you would like to financially support the work we are doing, please Contact Us.


Advertise with us, or provide sponsorship

Proceeds of any sponsorship or advertising go toward the further development of If you are interested in advertising on our site, or sponsorship, please Contact Us.


Email tag

Add one of the ‘tags' below to the bottom of your email signature. It not only discourages unnecessary paper consumption, but it also spreads the word about the resources on SuperGreenMe!


Just copy and paste one of the following ‘tags' to the bottom of your email signature:


P   Be green, read from the screen!

 P   Go green, read from the screen!

 P   Think of the environment before printing this email.

 P   Please consider the environment before printing this email.

 P   Please consider the environment before printing this email. Go further, ensure you print documents double sided!


Level of effort required - MEDIUM

Share your own articles, profiles and photos by submitting them to SuperGreenMe

We want to gather green ideas from around the globe! Have you got a great idea? A handy hint, some special knowledge or experience you want to share? Well write about it and submit it to Super Green Me! This will benefit the site and other members and visitors no end!


Tell us about new eco friendly products, ideas or services

If you know of a fantastic green idea, product or service which is not already mentioned on SuperGreenMe, then tell us all about it via the Contact Us page. Better yet, become a member and submit a review to the site!


Link to us

Have you got a website? By linking to us from your site you can help us a great deal. It both sends us visitors from your site and generates credibility for us throughout the community.


Level of effort required - HIGH

Volunteer your time

Volunteer your services to We have an abundance of work to do, changing the world is not easy! For example, we are always in need of editors or assistance with awareness campaigns. If you are interested in helping us in this way, please Contact Us.


Submitted by Admin on Jul 29, 2008