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Nature Deficit Disorder – Do you need to get away?

Getting Away From It All

Have you ever thought about getting away from it all and trying somewhere completely different to rejuvenate yourself and reawaken your mind and your senses? Have you tried the great outdoors donning a backpack and tent but found that it just isn’t for you? There are lots of ways you can de-stress your busy work-focused mind, but not everyone agrees with getting back to nature if it means getting dirty, muddy and cold. At Paradise Bay, however, you can reconnect with all that nature has to offer from the comfort of a beautiful and well-designed suite that overlooks the most breath-taking views without having to put on your hiking boots at all (unless you want to)!

Paradise Bay – The Eco-Resort

Paradise Bay is an eco-resort in the truest sense of the word. The whole complex is almost completely self-sufficient relying only on its natural resources and solar power for heating, water and electricity. Perhaps it’s the thoughtfulness that people love when they stay at Paradise Bay, then again it could be the scenery and the wildlife, or maybe it’s the peace and tranquillity of being far from the stresses of modern day life without all of the non-essential items we have become so accustomed to, so that the simplicity of nature can be enjoyed to its fullest.

Nature Deficit Disorder

It is true to say that throughout our working week, we seldom get the opportunity to visit parks and wildlife centres, and if we did get a free moment it is far more likely that we would spend that time tending to something we have been meaning to get round to for a long time, like some jobs around the home. Being so far away from nature though, does no good for the mind and body and it is important for everyone to take some time to get back in touch with nature in all its glory. Not many people have heard of Nature Deficit Disorder but that doesn’t lessen its impact on our daily lives. The natural habitat for human beings is the green and luscious landscape of the forests that still exist, and not in the centre of a concrete jungle. That is why we so often feel out of place and as though we need to get away. If you feel the urge to escape your hectic schedule then take a week out to unwind at Paradise Bay.

Get Back In Touch With Nature

Paradise Bay will help you get back in touch with nature and the wildlife that exists deep within the tropical environment around the resort. You will learn about all of the ways that nature empowers us and allows us to thrive, and how we can give back to nature by recycling and using our waste to fertilise our land. You will find a whole range of activities you can choose to take part in, or you can decide to simply swim in the waters and daydream as you take in the sights and sounds of Paradise Bay’s unimaginably beautiful location.

You could go on a bushwalk or sit on the veranda and paint the landscapes – an activity you have probably not taken part in since you were a child. Learn to enjoy simple pleasures again at Paradise Bay. Talk to other guests or members of staff and take part in anything you wish in the time you wish to, at your own pace and whenever you’re ready. Sound good so far? Well, visiting is even better.  Get back in touch with nature today and visit Paradise Bay.

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Paradise Bay offers a unique blend of eco and luxury set in a brilliant contrast of sun-soaked beaches, crystal clear water and pristine untouched wilderness full of friendly local wildlife. It’s the ultimate in romantic, environmentally friendly island getaways – your own piece of Paradise in the Whitsundays.
Submitted by Paradise Bay on Sep 22, 2011