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Organic Farm Share Organic Farm Share

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Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Organic Farm Share is the first of its kind - a complete local food system.

The Organic Farm Share model challenges current practices of food production & distribution and simplifies them. Organic Farm Share is based on the premise that owning the business which owns the land where one's food comes from directly connects us to our food supply and thus eliminates many of the barriers that currently exist for a transition to a local food system.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member (owner) can purchase a share in Organic Farm Share. By owning shares in Organic Farm Share you help in the development of food security for our community, the regeneration of land, as well as sharing in the prospect of positive financial returns to you as a shareholder.

As membership (ownership) is limited to a 200km radius from the farm operations, Organic Farm Share is truly a local enterprise. One of our criteria is that land acquired by Organic Farm Share is never encumbered by mortgage and therefore free and clear of mortgage fees and charges. Organic Farm Share land and farming methods are certified organic to international standards by a recognised organic certifying body to provide additional assurance to our members by being overseen by a third party auditing service.

In reality the Organic Farm Share approach exceeds prescribed standards, as each property design incorporates a full farm plan that includes expert advice from established professionals in a number of food producing fields which include but are not limited to; on-farm water harvesting, soil beneficial microorganism & compost preparations and crop and animal integration.

Organic Farm Share

Come along to find out more about how you can be part of the world's first Community Owned Farm. RSVP by emailing with date of event and number of people attending

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