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Collaborate to Achieve More! Collaborate to Achieve More!


Partner with SuperGreenMe

The team here at SuperGreenMe have been receiving a lot of attention from like-minded businesses, organisations and individuals.

As we are really committed to being the best we can be, providing as much information as we can and offering a full complement of eco friendly solutions we take particular partnering opportunities seriously.

If you see a gap in the information or services we provide, or in the services we offer, let us know! More importantly, can you help us fill the gap?

We are open to collaboration and/or joint ventures with organisations that have compatible service offerings. Our goal is to provide a one-stop go green hub of information and services. We want to educate the world about the many eco friendly solutions which already exist!

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss Partnering/collaboration opportunities.

The following are examples of partnerships which we believe would result in win-win-win scenarios for the community, you, and SuperGreenMe:

* Environmental Publications - Magazines and Newspapers

* Environmental Consultants

* School and Tertiary Institutions

* PR, Communications and Marketing

* Eco Friendly Certification and Verification

* Local Governments


Environmental Publications - content sharing

Syndicate your green articles through SuperGreenMe.

Whats in it for you:

  • - You retain credit/attribution which is disclosed with published article
  • - Generate direct and collateral traffic for your site by getting back links from SuperGreenMe
  • - Get your articles in front of a wider audience

Whats in it for us:

  • - More content for our visitors
  • - Increased traffic due to a larger amount of content

Whats in it for the community:

  • - More information, more easily accessible (wherever they look they will find it)
  • - Contributing to community awareness and learning on eco topics


Environmental Consultants

There's room for collaborative venture where the provision of environmental consultation is.

We are considering making some consultants who are experts in improving the sustainable response of corporations and businesses as our preferred service provider.

Through such an affiliation, our visitors will gain access to such services, you can generate business, and SuperGreenMe can further enhance the offering to our community.


School and Tertiary Institutions

Use the content for teaching tools.

Publish your research and showcase your school projects and curriculum.

Through your involvement with SuperGreenMe you can draw attention to the great work you are doing, share your knowledge with the community and garner support for your projects. Your contribution will help SuperGreenMe and the community by sharing your wealth of knowledge.


PR, Communications and Marketing

We want to educate consumers on the benefits of going green, and create awareness for eco friendly products.

There is a lot of work to do to enable businesses to refocus on the new green consumer perspective. Corporate products and services need to be re-branded and repositioned to give credit to their green attributes.

We are considering entering into a joint venture relationship with those who may offer such expertise to our membership base in this realm.

Through such an affiliation, businesses within the SuperGreenMe community will gain access to such services, you can generate new clients, and SuperGreenMe can further enhance the offering to our community.


Eco Friendly Certification and Verification

Offer your certification or verification services to businesses and organisations operating within the SuperGreenMe community.

Such services enhance the credibility of participants within the SuperGreenMe community by combating ‘greenwash' and increasing credibility and consumer confidence.


Local Governments

SuperGreenMe wants to work with as many local governments as possible to empower citizens to embrace sustainable living. We can offer the information and web tools to educate and inform!

Contact us now to find out how a combined effort may best provide the practical ‘how to go green' online spark (via material, checklists, profile and structure) to the citizens in your community.

Submitted by Admin on Jul 29, 2008