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Ady Gil

People Profile - Ady Gil 

Who is Ady Gil?

California businessman Ady Gil is successful in Hollywood's business world. He's the co-owner of American Hi Definition and Sweetwater Digital, digital video equipment companies. However, he's also passionate about animal rights and has been an influential donor to several organizations, including the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

What is Ady Gil Passionate About?

Ady Gil is passionate about environmental causes and particularly champions the cause of animal rights. His donation of the ship The Ady Gil to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was substantial. Mr. Gil donated approximately $1 million towards the purchase of the world's fastest boat, enabling the society to advance the cause of anti-whaling activism and directly confront Japanese harpoon ships. His donation was over two-thirds of the cost of the boat, effectively enabling the Sea Shepherd Conservation society to make a purchase that was otherwise out of reach. Ady Gil is also active in his community, and his properties provide a venue for community social and environmental events.

Ady Gil's Charities and Projects

On the roof top of his American Hi Definition Building in the San Fernando Valley, solar panels create 100 kilowatts of energy. Ady Gil held a solar open house and green holiday gift festival during the holiday season to focus peoples' energy on clean cars, clean energy, and family fun instead of gifts.  The open house featured sessions on biodiesel, green building, and world population.

Ady Gil is devoted to the cause of animal welfare. He is a supporter of the Farm Sanctuary, an organization that rescues farm animals and works to educate people about cruelty to farm animals. He has also supported Earthlings, a documentary about animal suffering. The documentary focuses on the use of animals for food farming, entertainment, research, and in pet stores. The film is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and has gone on to become one of the most comprehensive animal rights films, a film that gets all of its viewers thinking and talking.

In addition to his support of local films and animal welfare organizations, Ady Gil is a substantial donor to the Sea Shepherd Conservation society, an anti-whaling organization that works to protect the whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. For years, Sea Shepherd has used its vessel The Steve Irwin to confront Japanese whaling ships. Now, thanks to Ady Gil, the organization has another element in its anti-whaling arsenal, the Ady Gil, one of the fastest ships in the world that will be used on stealth missions to intercept harpoon ships.

Ady Gil is on the books as a financial supporter of his local Democratic party. He's also donated space to organizations such as the American Friends of Tel Aviv University.

How Ady Gil Walks the Talk

Ady Gil has developed his businesses into an environmentally-friendly company, and he's also used his own funds to support several animal-rights causes. The American Hi-Definition building features an array of solar panels. Mr. Gil is not only a donor to conservation organizations, he also plans to support the 2009-2010 Sea Shepherd campaign through his presence on the Sea Shepherd's other boat, The Steve Irwin.



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