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Planet Extinction




Focus of Activities

Planet Extinction is an environmental action group that takes a slightly different view than their counterparts. Made up of various professionals from within the oil and gas industry, as well as other green living advocates, it’s dedicated to finding real, useable solutions to global warming.

According to Planet Extinction, it may already be too late to stop the effects of our indiscriminate use of fossil fuel in the past. Their website provides well documented proof that at it’s current levels, even with zero further emissions, the CO2 in earth’s atmosphere will lead to a continued rise in temperatures for at least a decade.

Essentially, what they are saying is that we WILL see the results of global warming. What we need to do now is choose whether we will see effects that leave the planet habitable, or a chain of cataclysmic disasters that will end life as we know it.

Their focus is on two distinct areas:

Personal Activities

Each and every person on the planet has the ability to reduce their carbon footprint. Simply by using greener energy, driving less, and using products manufactured using green methods, we can all make a difference, right now.

Planet Extinction provides detailed information on how to go about doing your part to stop the increase in greenhouse gases. If we don’t do it, who will? If we don’t, there may not be much of a planet left for our children in a few years time.

Political Activities

As long as governments continue to approve fossil fuel energy generation projects, and turn a blind eye to other environmental evils, global warming will continue unabated. Changing their minds depends on citizen activism in huge numbers. Otherwise, plans will continue to be approved that focus on the short term, rather than the long.

Driven by money and power, governments are not in it for the long haul, but merely for their term in office. Taking action to inform, educate and demand change is key to changing this. Planet Extinction provides detailed information on how you can involve yourself in this change.


Notable Achievements

In October of 2007, members of Planet Extinction’s team addressed the Scholars of Australia in Canberra, with the topic of the address “Global Warming, National Security and Ethics."

Their work in researching and documenting the extent, effects, and what we can do about the realities of global warming is unprecedented. Their stance that we cannot undo what is done, but focus on the future sets them apart from the norm, and brings the reality of the situation home.

Instead of optimism, this group focuses on practical solutions, real activities, and making provision now for the inevitable change to the planet that is coming.    

Celebrity Supporters

There are no celebrity supporters of the Planet Extinction movement as such, however, the core team that manages the project have some cachet, both in business, and environmental activism.

If you are an Australian celebrity, and would like to add your voice to a worthwhile organization, this one may be just what you’re looking for.

Governance and Financial


Governed by four key members, Planet Extinction’s committee members come from diverse backgrounds. John James is the founder of the group, and a well known environmental and greener living advocate.

Alan Williams is a geographer, and fifteen year veteran of the oil and gas industries. Sue Pearson is a concerned mother, and owner of retail and design businesses, and Colin Crawford-Smith is a green living consultant, and owner of a company that supplies green power products.

All of these members have a common thread running through their decision to act – a desire to preserve the earth for their children and grandchildren’s long term survival.


Planet Extinction is a not for profit organization, and dependent for it’s funding on donations and sponsorships.

Regions / Countries That Benefit

It’s a core belief of Planet Extinction that in order to change the world’s views on global warming, you need to do it one country at a time.

For that reason, although the information they provide is universal, their focus is on Australia. It makes sense to tackle global warming, and sustainability issues in this way, since the more governments realize the effects of the actions, the more international pressure for change there will be.

How to Donate

If you would like to donate to Planet Extinction, visit their website and follow the “donate” link.






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