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Principals of a Sustainable Resort

Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia

Ecological Philosophy

Paradise Bay in the WhitSundays aims to provide a sustainable resort for its guests so that it runs as efficiently as possible, without harming the earth along the way. To do this, Paradise Bay focuses on seven particular areas of its operations and considers how to improve them to maximise their efficiency without increasing carbon or pollutive output. The construction and design of the resort is one such area and so the resort is mostly built around nature, encouraging the growth of its natural resources. Products are transported to the site by boats to keep the consumption of fossil fuels to a minimum. All of the eco features are highlighted in this VIDEO.

Design and Layout

Rooms at the resort are kept cool by the local climate, which falls to a comfortable temperature of an evening, whilst during the day solar powered fans are used to keep the temperature down. Energy efficiency and minimising the impact of the site on the environment is the primary objective of the Paradise Bay Resort. The design of every room and every indoor area is well thought out so that the buildings can get the most out of natural, passive cooling. The windows, louvers, balconies, and layout have all been designed with passive cooling in mind.


How a resort manages their waste is a key indicator of how environmentally conscious it is. At Paradise Bay, waste is disposed of thoughtfully to be used as compost and fertilizer. Plastic is sent to be recycled, as is metal and glass – although metal and glass will also be reused where possible. Paradise Bay takes the view that if something can be handled on site without the need for transport, then every step will be taken to make this happen. Even in cleaning products, they are made naturally on site without the need for harmful chemicals.

Power and Water

Electricity is mostly generated through solar panels and waste water that is harmful to the local tropical waters is processed responsibly via a trademark treatment system which treats the water so it can be used to water the gardens.

The water used for drinking and washing comes naturally in the form of rainwater rather than from desalination plants that can use up a huge amount of electricity. Even in times of drought when rain is lacking, water is still plentiful because it is stored throughout the year during the wet season. Hot water is powered by the sun too, so again, the environmental impact is minimised, and nature is taken full advantage of.

The Carbon Footprint

To reduce the need for recycling and the amount of waste that is collected, any supplies that are purchased are done so with as little packaging as possible. Even the mail you receive from Paradise Bay will be delivered on recycled paper! The resort also recognises that its guests are still likely to rack up some CO2 emissions on their way to their resort and whilst there is little the resort can do to reduce this problem, they still manage to offset these carbon emissions it by planting trees every year. At Paradise Bay you really are staying at the most environmentally conscious place you could possibly imagine!

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Paradise Bay offers a unique blend of eco and luxury set in a brilliant contrast of sun-soaked beaches, crystal clear water and pristine untouched wilderness full of friendly local wildlife. It’s the ultimate in romantic, environmentally friendly island getaways – your own piece of Paradise in the Whitsundays.
Submitted by Paradise Bay on Sep 22, 2011