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Save Electricity by Using Alternative, Environmentally Friendly Energy Sources

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We all need to start taking positive actions that will improve our environment, rather than deteriorate it.  This means changing old habits to new, improved habits.  There are multiple ways to help save the environment and protect it for our future generations.  A big topic that has not been promoted much is the use and waste of energy.  Energy takes a lot of time and work to create, yet it is not infinite.  That is why we need to do everything in our power to conserve energy and use alternative sources.  Without doing so we will eventually run out of our natural resources and be forced into panic.

Most electricity comes from fossil or nuclear fuels.  These are not healthy and produce lots of waste byproduct.  Unfortunately, this is how most electricity is created today, but there are alternative ways that produce cleaner power.  Wind, sunlight, plant matter, and heat are energy efficient ways to produce power.  These alternate energy sources produce less waste and are practically free.  It only costs manpower to harness some of these energy efficient producers.  The government is officering grants towards researching alternative, environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity.

Energy creates electricity, which is a vital source for our daily lives, yet often times we overlook this.  There are many ways to save energy and electricity, such as unplugging your appliances when they are not in use.  You can use energy efficient light bulbs rather than standard bulbs.  The electricity used by a light bulb costs five to ten times the bulbs original cost.  On average, light bulbs encompass a quarter of a households energy bill.  This is a large proportion and can easily be cut back with some simple habit changes.  Limiting the time you use lights can save hundreds of dollars in electric bills.  Opening the blinds instead of turning on the lights or turning off the lights when you leave the room is an excellent way to save energy and electricity costs. 

Another great reinvention was the rechargeable battery.  Giving batteries the ability to recharge themselves can drastically reduce waste and energy.  Rechargeable batteries are also a great renewable source of energy.  Rechargeable batteries cost a few dollars more than standard batteries, but last for up to 1,000 charges.  This means a standard one dollar battery lasts for one charge; where as a five dollar rechargeable battery lasts 1,000 times.  If you do the math you are saving nearly $1,000 for each rechargeable battery you use.  Besides saving money in your pocket you are saving the environment.  You are not throwing away 1,000 batteries; rather you are throwing away one battery.  If you want to take it to the next level you can use solar battery chargers to power your rechargeable batteries.  This is the best way to be environmentally friendly by reducing waste and using natural resources.

Using alternative methods of transportation can be helpful as well.  Solar powered cars, electric cars, and other alternative fueled cars are currently available on the market.  Although they are not perfected and not widely popular, they are emerging and becoming noticeable.  These cars will be imperative to use soon as the prices of oil keep rising, gasoline becomes less viable as a source for powering automobiles.  Hybrid cars are great to reduce emissions and get excellent miles per gallon ratings. 

All these methods can greatly reduce the impact we are currently having on the environment.  These are simple steps that can have great impacts.  Even one person turning off one light still helps save the environment.  We must be aware of what we are doing and look for ways to be more efficient and produce less byproduct.

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Submitted by Hass Libre on Dec 18, 2009