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Study outdoors! Enjoy mother nature Study outdoors! Enjoy mother nature
School kids going greenIts never too early to start a sustainable life!Learning all things eco, helps your job prospectsBe green, be cool

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School Kids

Ten Reasons Why School kids Should Go Green

1. Because you’ve got energy and enthusiasm!

You’ve got all sorts of energy and enthusiasm; just the qualities that are needed to help solve some of the most interesting and also most complex problems. Your energy and enthusiasm can also help inspire others who are working on the same problems. 

2. Learn about cool new technologies

Many of the newest technologies have been designed to decrease their negative environmental impact. Others have been designed specifically to tackle the problem. Either way, learn about new and exciting technologies that reduce your negative impact on the planet. 

3. Develop good habits from an early age

By going green while you are still young it will become natural and easy for you to live sustainably. Teach yourself early for good habits through the rest of your life. 

4. Get outside and have fun!

By walking or biking to school you get a bit of play time on the way to school. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air and nature around you! 

5. Get great ideas for science fairs and projects

By going green, you will start finding challenges in your everyday life that need solving. These can lead to great ideas for science fairs, like Daniel Burd, who won the Canada-wide Science Fair for having found a way to make plastic bags degrade faster!

6. Teach your parents and family how to go green

Being in school you have a great opportunity to learn about some of the environmental problems our world faces and the new and emerging ways we might be able to solve those problems and go green. You can help show your family how to solve those problems through leading by example. 

7. You’ve got the freedom to speak out and act on environmental issues

While you’re still young, you’ve got plenty of freedom and time to speak out and act to solve the environmental issues. Take advantage of the opportunity for as long as you have it; make your voice and your opinion heard!

8. Help solve environmental issues

Be a part of the solution! You have the power to work towards a better world, so make a commitment to doing so. Teach others, learn how you can become greener, and find new ways to live sustainably.

9. Expand your career possibilities

There in an increasing demand for people who are aware of environmental problems, and for people who work to solve these issues. By learning from a young age, you’ll be well prepared when it’s time for you to go to work. 

10. Meet new people

Getting involved in green projects, like starting a compost or garden at your school, gives you a great chance to meet new friends who will have the same interests.

Submitted by supergreenme on Oct 28, 2008