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Eco-Friendly Coffee Eco-Friendly Coffee

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Six Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee the Eco-Friendly Way

Before you even sit down for that morning cup of coffee, you should think about ways on how to turn coffee-drinking into a more eco-friendly pastime. Keep reading to find out how to go green with eco-friendly coffee today.

Tip One - Buy Reusable Mugs Eco-Friendly Coffee

A lot of coffee shops and grocery stores let their customers bring their own refillable container; get rid of the habit of drinking out of disposable cups and make use of reusable mugs whenever you get a cup of coffee instead. If you are a lover of iced coffee, opt for retro glass jars with lids. Finding the eco-friendly coffee ideal reusable mug is quite a straightforward thing to do. However, if you would rather not bring a reusable mug with you wherever you go and simply need to opt for paper cups, at least reduce the overall paper waste by making and bringing your own personal reusable sleeve to your favorite coffee shop. This way, you can at least say goodbye to disposable cardboard ones and say hello to being a little more eco-friendly.

Tip Two - Buy In Bulk Eco-Friendly Coffee

Go green with eco-friendly coffee by buying your coffee beans in bulk bins. Not only will you save the environment with less packaging but you will also save a lot of money. Buying in bulk happens to be a lot cheaper compared to buying smaller quantities; so making the eco-friendly choice also happens to be the wallet-friendly choice.

Tip Three - Opt For Environmentally Eco-Friendly Coffee Packaging

Opting to buy items in bulk is one great step towards becoming more eco-friendly; another one would be to opt for recyclable containers or items that come with recycled content. By doing so, you will know that fewer brand new materials were used in shipping your products from their manufacturers to your own home. Plus, it is much more eco-friendly landfill space is saved and you make use of post-consumer resources that are valuable.

Tip Four - Opt For Eco-Friendly Coffee That Is Certified By Fair Trade

Coffee that is certified by fair trade will support the social and economic livelihoods of the farmers within developing communities of agriculture, a lot of which depend on farming methods that are environmentally eco-friendly and sustainable. Not only will you be going green by doing so but you will be promoting the farmers' economic stability as well.

Tip Five - Opt For Organic Eco-Friendly Coffee

Did you know that traditional coffee crops tend to be treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides that harm the environment? To avoid this, opt for chemical-free organic coffee; it is much more environmentally friendly for Mother Earth since it is harvested without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Plus, opting for organic eco-friendly coffee will let you enjoy richer coffee flavors as well as an eco-friendly and healthier alternative to regular coffee brews.

Tip Six - Opt for Eco-Friendly Coffee that is certified by the Alliance of Rainforests

The Rainforest Alliance certifies that their coffee is grown without chemicals and under natural covers of shade. Plus, it makes sure that farmers are treated fairly, supporting not just the overall wellbeing of our native ecosystems but the eco-friendly agricultural and economic wellbeing of farmers as well.

Submitted by theecoguru on Nov 23, 2009