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Green Grocers can go green! Eat local food! Green Grocers can go green! Eat local food!
Every industry can go greenGo green to stay in businessGo green in your small businessThe internet allows more people to work from home every year.

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Small Businesses

Top Ten Reasons Small Businesses and thier Employees Should Go Green

1. Gain a competitive edge

By being attuned to popular concerns and adopting the most current green practices and technologies, you keep your business green. Customers and clients are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and are demanding environmentally sound business practices and goods. 

2. Cut your energy costs

With the cost of oil and gas on the increase, going green by using high-efficiency appliances, using vehicles with good gas-mileage, ensuring adequate insulation in your office building, among other examples, will help decrease the amount of money you spend on energy costs. 

3. Attract the best employees

Good employees are difficult to come by – they demand the best working conditions. Find and retain the best employees by having a solid environmental policy and socially responsible nature, so that they will be proud to work for you. 

4. Save money on goods and reuse or sell by-products 

Many of the things you can do to make your business green are not only good for the environment, but also make economic sense. If your business produces goods, you might find that you can sell some of your waste products. Alternately, you might find that you can buy the materials your company needs as the waste products from another company at a fraction of the “new” price. 

5. Build your client base

By getting involved in local green initiatives you gain access to potential clients. Supporting and working on green projects in the neighbourhood also lends you credibility with potential clients as they see that you care about the community around you. Its all about social responsibility.

6. Build your partnerships

Often you will find that green organizations will share some of the objectives and goals of your own business, or need the help of your business. You can partner with green organizations to tackle larger business projects together. 

7. Gain valuable time

When you start enacting green policies, like clustering deliveries so that you only have to make one trip with multiple stops, you save on energy costs as well as the time it would take to make individual deliveries. 

8. Keep fit and healthy

By walking or biking to work and taking the stairs, you’ll make the most of your commuting time by automatically building some exercise into your busy day.  Staying healthy can be even more important for small business owners depending upon the health coverage plan available. 

9. Build loyalty and a team spirit

By organizing some corporate “social” activities that address local environmental issues, employees working for you get a chance to work together as a team, in a setting outside the business, which can help to build loyalty and a healthy work environment.  

10. Develop your brand

By going green you have the chance to help develop your business brand. This positive association will remind clients about your business when they think about environmental issues.

Submitted by SuperGreenMe on Oct 28, 2008