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Tune up your car, or this is where your money will go! Tune up your car, or this is where your money will go!
Carpooling saves gas and is fun!Public transport is faster and more enjoyable than traffic jams!Yes! You can ride to work!

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Sustainable Transport

Everything You Need to Know About Sustainable Transport 

 Urban planning and layout problems

We live in the era of the car, especially those of use not located in Europe. For countries like Canada, the US, and Australia, many of our towns and cities were developed in the era of the automobile, and our trasportation habits have been shaped by our urban layout. Dense commercial centers are surrounded by suburbs half an hour to an hour out, and for most people walking to a grocery store is completely out of the question. At the heart of our automobile reliance is the problem of suburbia.

But with a little effort and some green smarts you can be an eco-friendly traveller!

Never fear however, we live in a day and age where technology can help us become sustainble drivers and commuters! By taking actions like buying a hybrid car or simply planning out the most efficient route for your travels you can help lower your carbon footprint and save money. In order to help you become a greener driver and traveller we've assembled a host of tips to get you started. Read on for green power!

Walking, Riding, Canoes - You Can't Beat People Power!!

 Put those feet on the street!

For thousands of years the preferred mode of transportation was to utilize your own two feet. Now more than ever using people-powered transportation is relevant. With many developed countries obesity is rapidly becoming a problem, and a great way to get some exercise and travel carbon neutrally is to walk or bike to your destination. New bikes come with wide, comfortable seats and baskets, and fresh air will rejuvinate and freshen you in the mornings. For more reasons why you should walk to work visit the link below:

Think Green with Transportation 


Road - Motor Bikes, Cars, Autos & Trucks

On the Road Again...

It's rare to run into a person living outside of a city who doesn't have a car. For urbanites it's easy to utilize mass public transit or to walk or bike, but for rural dwellers it can be harder. Even if you have to drive to access services, you can still be an eco-friendly traveller. Buy a fuel efficient car, and plan errands to be all together and in an efficient route. Don't travel to a commercial center twice a week if you can plan all your errands for one trip. Also, remember to keep your car maintained, this will save you money on repairs and gas, because a well-maintained car is more fuel efficient. For more tips on how to be eco-friendly on wheels visit the link below:

Think Green with Transportation

Flying - Planes

 Buy carbon offsets or consider the train

Airplanes can be some of the largest carbon producers in your travelling life. It takes a massive amount of fuel to lift huge planes into the air, and international vacations or frequent business trips can really give you a heavy carbon footprint. If you can get to your destination by train, or by teleconferencing, try these green options instead. For more ideas about how to become a green flyer visit:

Eco-Friendly Vacationing

Eco-Friendly Corporate Travel






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