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TAP - Tamar Valley Scene TAP - Tamar Valley Scene
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TAP Into a Better Tasmania


TAP into a Better Tasmania began as Tasmanians Against the Pulp Mill, when plans for the Gunns pulp mill ignited a national debate in 2006. The planned pulp mill, which still awaits the final go-ahead from the Federal Government, threatens the sustainability of the Tamar Valley environment and communities. From these beginnings, the organisation has grown into TAP, with the goal of securing a better social, economic and green environmental future for Tasmania.

Focus of Activities

The group holds popular fortnightly meetings and has been the active force in the campaign opposing the $2.2 billion Gunns pulp mill. TAP stages large rallies, public meetings and lectures, and established a Democracy tent and pulp mill Embassy to provide the public with information. The group's website provides detailed information on pulp mill updates, go-green and health issues, as well as progress on the Voters Block.

The Voters Block, currently close to target at almost 25,000, was set up so that people could register their decision not to vote for any candidate who supports the mill. TAP managed to effectively lobby the Resource Planning and Development Commission, the Departments of Environment and Water, and organised two Tamar river rallies with thousands attending. They have also organised petitions for parliament and altered West Tamar Council policies to oppose the pulp mill plans.


Notable Achievements

TAP was one of just 8 groups invited involved in the Resource Planning and Development Commission's Directions Hearing. The organisation conducted its own research into the impact of the proposed mill, and raised the funds to bring Professor   Eduardo Jaramillo, a pulp mill pollution expert from Chile, to Australia for a series of lectures.

People Power - Opposing the Pulp Mill

TAP also helped facilitate an increase in the number of anti-mill councillors on three Councils during the October 2007 elections. In addition, they have organised a large fundraising concert and have also initiated a class action register in preparation for seeking compensation should the pulp mill go ahead. It also contributed to the effective petitioning of the ANZ bank who withdrew from funding the project.

Currently the organisation is petitioning the Tasmanian Government to prohibit the aerial spraying of pesticides and chemical over Tasmanian water catchments, as well as continuing their campaign opposing the mill.

TAP's website contains links to other current green campaigns including smoke watch, the voters block, and the class action against Gunns.


Governance & Financial

TAP is a community-based independent group. It is not Government funded in any way and relies solely on donations to assist with its work.

Regions / countries which benefit


How to donate

How You Can Help Protect Tasmania's Environment

A cheque or money order can be mailed to TAP Inc. c/- Treasurer TAP PO Box 392 Launceston TAS 7250, or donations can also be made online with a credit card. The group's website outlines how even the smallest donation can contribute to its go green campaigns, for example:

  • $10 buys stamps for 20 campaign letters to MP's
  • $90 covers internet provider costs for 1 year
  • $250 affords a small advertising space in a newspaper


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