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The Importance Of An Eco Social Network

How important is an eco social network in the bigger scheme of environmental issues and concerns? Are these networks capable of raising our awareness the make more people happy to contribute to better sustainable energy practices or are these platforms simply a waste of your time?

Super Green Me, an eco social network here to make a difference:

Since the launch of Super Green Me, a classic example of a well-balanced eco social network we have gained extensive news coverage from around the world. Judging by that factor we'd have to say that our members are doing something right.

Remember, it's not about us. It's about the common power of all of us because without your help we simply wouldn't exist.

Eco social networks pop up like mushrooms in a damp, dark forest - they are all around us and one has to wonder if we are going to experience overkill. It is natural to see interest levels rise as more people become green energy conscious.

We want to reduce carbon emissions, recycle, save the whales, save the trees, eat organic foods, use sustainable energy resources and go green. To do all of this and more with the most effect we need eco social networks because these networks give individual voices like yours and mine power by coming together for the same cause.

Howe else would we connect with people all around the planet if it wasn't for the Internet.

This is why eco social networks rock!

Just imagine how long it would take to spread the message of eco practices around the world if we were relying on donkeys and foot soldiers who deliver the mail. Nothing much would ever happen and since we have moved into a new age of technology why not utilise it for green practices too.

With the Internet:

  • We don't print paper.
  • We already start to source green hosting solutions to host our web space.
  • We can connect with like-minded people in seconds.
  • We can spread an important message in minutes.
  • We have power by using our own voices to talk about the things that matter to us.

The negative side of eco social networks:

Wherever there is good, there normally is also a measure of bad and eco social networks are not exempt from certain 'bad' labels. The biggest drawback with using these networks is the time commitment needed to contribute. Let's be honest here and look at how many hours per week we socialise with the help of an eco social network.

If you are a regular contributor, then changes are you spend hours on such a site. It's all good and right to contribute but if the action interferes with everyday living it becomes a bad habit, hence the label 'bad.'

Then there is the issue of the effects of the Internet on the planet:

  • German newspaper Der Spiegel reported last year that the Internet is increasingly responsible for growing concern since massive computer centres place strain on our energy grids. I can certainly see where they are coming from.
  • Unless you host your websites on a green energy friendly web hosting space chances are you too contribute to global warming by using the Internet.
  • One such company has recently incorporated changes and is now using environmentally friendly, wind powered generators for their servers. The company is Hostgator.

So while we claim to save paper, we still have responsibilities to host our websites with sustainable energy resources.

Using eco social networks without abusing is key:

The key to making the most of eco social networks is to use them without abuse. Everything requires balance to function correctly and the use of any network is no difference. You stand to gain much more from an eco social network by not going to extremes and balancing the use of your time accordingly.

Submitted by Eco Warrior on Sep 16, 2009