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The walking Man

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Journey

I have been an advocate of sustainability since the 70’s with the core area of interest in energy efficient building and systems. Starting in April 2010 I am walking from Melbourne to Brisbane. The objectives of this walk are to:

Facilitate workshops in every city and town along the journey to gather and share information for the creation of sustainable communities. These workshops will:

  • Create a network of local resources that can be shared across the whole society.
  • Create dynamic links between major population centers and rural country areas.
  • Create trust that develops positive constructive dialogue which is solution focused.
  • Develop strategies that work with local industries to develop sustainable businesses and industries.
  • To be inclusive of all people who want to be involved in the process.

I will also film the walk and make a documentary , gathering stories about people I meet along the way.

My focus is to facilitate changes that stick and help people to create their own sustainable futures that are aligned with the values of the whole community and create the best solutions to the problems that are facing all of us and move toward sustainable futures.

Melbourne to Brisbane

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