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Two Helpful Tips on How to Go Green with Your Baby’s Diapers

New parents who wish for a healthy and green environment for their baby are usually faced with various hard questions: Should the baby be bottle-fed or breast-fed? Would organic clothes be better for the baby? What toxic toys exist out there? Should diapers be disposable or made of cloth? With concerns regarding plastic petroleum, water use, landfill waste, harmful chemicals, pesticides, water and air pollution and your baby's overall health, what should eco-friendly parents do when it comes to diapers?

Tip One - Opt for Environmentally Friendly Baby Wipes

Environmentally friendly baby wipes, whether organic reusable cloth ones or other alternative and disposable varieties, tend to produce less waste, while keeping chemicals out of a baby's skin, as well as the entire environment. Plus, you will save a lot of money in the process.

Most environmentally friendly baby wipes provide natural solutions to wiping, as well as soaps; however, simply making use of warm water along with cloth wipes might be enough to keep your baby dry and clean. Baby wipes of pre-made cloth such as cloth diapers, can be found in various materials including hemp, organic cotton, wool, flannel and more. If you truly want to go green, try the ultra economical and crafty alternative by making our very own personal solution to baby wipes, if you wish.

Before actually going out to buy brand new wipes, you might want to take that last option into consideration since making your very own could truly save you tons of cash. Parents can actually save hundreds of dollars over the years by producing baby wipes that are reusable or making use of softer wash cloths in place of disposable wipes that are commercially produced.

Plus, regular baby wipes could come with harmful chemicals that might leech onto the environment as manufacturing goes on and they fall into landfills. Such chemicals might even irritate your baby's sensitive skin, if not affect his overall health.

Tip Two - Opt for Environmentally Friendly Cloth Diapers

Did you know that two trees fall every year to keep a single baby inside disposable diapers? Did you know that regular cotton that is put to use to create classic cloth diapers happens to be heavily treated with chemicals and pesticides?

By opting for cloth diapers in place of disposable ones, landfill waste will get alleviated while your baby gets protected from harmful chemicals. Although some debate exists around this issue, a lot of experts think that cloth diapers might even conserve natural resources, energy and water, being the overall environmentally friendly choice. Choosing cloth brands could send you a long way into minimizing your carbon footprint; however, remember that regular cotton grows from huge numbers of chemical pesticides. Therefore, you can boost your eco-friendliness even more by opting for cloth diapers that are made out of environmentally friendly fibers such as hemp, organic cotton and bamboo. Making use of diapers that made from such materials will support sustainable means and practices of agriculture that no harmful chemicals or pesticides release onto the environment.

Submitted by theecoguru on Nov 18, 2009