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Why Go Green?

Why go green? Green topics are all around us these days. They are discussed in politics, in the news, used in fashion, and most important of all, green energy is consistently being implemented into our technology.

Why go green?

If you want the simple answer then consider this; to go green means to reduce our carbon footprint, remove the pressure on the environment and utilise renewable energy resources to power our homes. Are you still wonder why go green?

The bigger picture of going green:

It is clear that many people get overwhelmed with the go green fashion of today's living. It's easy to voice your concerns about the environment and tell the world about why go green is important, but it is a lot harder to actually implement measure to do so.

Before we go green we need to consider the big picture of our actions - or the lack of it. By making a positive impact on the planet and saving our natural resources for generations to come we can set small goals to go green at home, at work and in a social environment.

Why go green? For starters, we want to reduce the load our modern lives are taking on the earth. Since we are all interconnected, regardless of race and creed we have to act responsibly to remove the dangers of chemicals, greenhouse gas emissions and the growing ozone layer.

Going green is easier than you think:

Instead of trying to bust your brain cells for ways to go green consider implementing small baby steps first.

  • Carpool.
  • Walk to work.
  • Ditch the car in favour of your bicycle.
  • Recycle.
  • Refuse plastic.
  • Eat organic.
  • Contribute to a green cause.
  • Farm green.
  • Grow your own vegetables and fruit without chemicals.
  • Stop rain forest destruction by buying green energy friendly materials.
  • Switch to solar.
  • Ditch the cosmetics ladies, remember, natural beauty comes from the inside!

Why go green?

Another important aspect of going green is the rising of the global tides thanks to global warming. We have to stop this insanity and I think the facts speak for themselves. There is no hype in truth and those who fail to see it are simply egoistical.

As the tides keep rising and island communities disappear forever, as tsunamis continue to kill thousands on their wake, as fishing grounds disappear thanks to human greed, as marine life dies because their living grounds has been destroyed, as we keep ignoring the urgency of the go green cause - we will continue to wreck havoc on nature.

Perhaps you say so what! Perhaps you don't care about tomorrow, perhaps you just want to have a good time before you leave us for another awareness. But don't you think we all need to stop acting and get serious and stop asking why go green? I believe it is our responsibility to act, however little we can contribute. The more we do, the better we can counteract global warming issues.

Stop asking why go green and start taking responsibility for your own actions:

Not doing so is childish and lame. Going green doesn't mean we have to take things out of the context and go to extremes because doing so is childish too. We can all do our bit by taking the question why go green and turn it into something positive that can be enjoyed by our children and theirs.

Did you know that water is not a renewable source of energy? As our water streams get poisoned by lethal cocktails of chemicals we need to find better ways to assure that our drinking water will not eventually run out. While it does get recycled through the atmosphere one stands to wonder about the quality.


Submitted by Eco Warrior on Sep 16, 2009