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Benefits for Young Professionals to go green Benefits for Young Professionals to go green

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Young Professionals

1. Gain a competitive edge, build your career

By being attuned to popular citizen concerns and staying current on green practices and technologies, you can help your employer solve environmental issues specific to your workplace. This makes you look good and can be very beneficial for your career. Helping your employer stay green reflects well on the company or organization and can help attract clients.

2. Practice what you preach

Maybe you're a professional that works in the environmental field, but have yet to adopt some environmental practices yourself. By adopting current environmental practices, especially those you may deal with at work on a daily basis, lends you credibility and shows others around you that the ability to be green isn't just theoretical, that it actually works in the real world.

3. Expand your career possibilities

There is increasing media focus on environmental problems, and citizens are becoming more concerned about the impact we are having on the health of the environment. The number of environmental problems that need to be tackled in combination with citizen and media focus on these problems means there is demand for environmental professionals. Society needs environmental engineers, lawyers, marketers, policy makers and business people. Going green can help you expand your career possibilities.

4. Gain experience

Volunteering for a local environmental group or starting your own green business can be a great way to get experience and fine tune skills employers are looking for. By being in charge of your own experience, you solve the "No job without experience, no experience without a job" dilemma.

5. Save money

Many of the things you might do to be green are not only good for the environment, but also good for your bank account. For example, hanging your clothes to dry saves power, and using sustainable modes of transportation (like biking and the bus) are much cheaper than owning a car. Some actions might require a large initial investment, but will save you money over the long run. Purchasing energy efficient appliances can save money on your water and electricity bills for years to come.

6. Gain valuable time

When you live so close to your work that you can walk or bike, you cut out long commuting times you would otherwise be spending stuck in rush hour traffic. This leaves more time for the activities you enjoy the most.

7. Keep fit and healthy

By walking, biking and taking the stairs instead of elevators, you'll have effortlessly fit some exercise into your day. In addition, you'll get to your destination without generating greenhouse gases, and help reduce smog in your city.

8. Meet new people

Getting involved in green initiatives by carpooling, listening to speakers and working with environmental community groups can be a great way to meet new and interesting people who share your interests.

9. Get to know the city you're living in

Maybe you've moved to a new town for a job or are moving back to your hometown after having been away for years of school and work. Getting involved in local environmental groups can help you connect (or reconnect) with local issues, from waste planning to urban development and local food from your city.

10. Help create your future

You're young and you've still got lots of time left on the planet. Help create a desirable future for yourself and your children. By acting responsibly today, you can help ensure resiliency and health of the earth's ecosystems.

Submitted by SuperGreenMe on Sep 22, 2008