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Promoting Sustainable Aquaculture in Southeast Asia’s Largest Lake

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As his children watch, a man feeds fish in a cage under his home on the Tonle Sap Lake. (© CI/Photo by Adam Keatts) Feed your family today or conserve for tomorrow? This quest Read More

The Cardamom Conundrum: Q&A with CI’s Tim Killeen

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Later this month at Rio+20, world leaders will gather to discuss the future of our planet — a future that must account for the value of nature in order to achieve truly susta Read More

CI Photojournal: Cambodia

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Young boy fishing at sunset on Tonle Sap Lake. (© Kristin Harrison & Jeremy Ginsberg) Last September, newlywed photographers Kristin Harrison and Jeremy Ginsberg left thei Read More

Protecting One of World’s Largest Freshwater Fisheries, One Village at a Time

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Three million people depend on fish from Cambodia's highly threatened Tonle Sap Lake. Read More

How Can Cambodia Sustain Its Freshwater ‘Fish Factory’?

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Tonle Sap has been called the beating heart of Cambodia. We want to see it keep beating. Read More

To Sustain Freshwater Resources, Transboundary Cooperation is Key

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This World Water Day, Tracy Farrell takes us inside CI's work in the Greater Mekong region of Southeast Asia. Read More

Tonle Sap Visit Finds Little Evidence of Once-Abundant Species

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CI's Les Kaufman shares his latest thoughts from Cambodia. Read More

Savings Group Supports Small Business in Cambodian Floating Village

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In a few short months, Sophy has gone from borrowing money to loaning it. Read More

Filming in Cambodia, Part 3: Fishing at Sunrise

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The CI video team's final day of shooting on Tonle Sap Lake. Read More

Filming in Cambodia, Part 2: Why It’s Hard to Film in a Floating House

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When you're trying to get the perfect shot, things can — and very often do — go wrong. Read More
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