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Cambodia’s ‘Giving Tree’ Makes Life Possible in Floating Villages

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One species fishing villages depend on the most is not a fish, but a tree. Read More

Environment and Society: Where is the Disconnect?

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PRESS RELEASE | Contact GAELLE GOURMELON | For release: Wednesday, September 17, 2014Vital Signs, Volume 21: The Trends That Are Shaping Our Futureis now available from our booksto Read More

You are a Movie Star

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Really. You are. Your big break awaits. This is a contest for you. Take out your cell phone. Create a very short video. Inspire viewers to take action to “Button Up” an Read More

The ISO – and How Renewable Energy Can Save Ratepayers Money

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Everyone’s heard someone claim that renewable energy is too expensive. This criticism often overlooks one of the most important benefits of renewable energy – not the e Read More

An Incomplete Guide to the Massachusetts Ballot: If the Question is One, the Answer is NO.

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As Massachusetts voters look to the November ballot, they have an opportunity to take a stand for a better, sustainable transportation system by voting No on Question 1. This first Read More

Fresh Air Ahead: Transition to Clean Energy Supplies

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It is welcome news that the New England Governors are stepping away from a high-risk gamble with clean air and electric customers’ money. Shrouded in secrecy, the New England Read More

An Unprecedented Step for Corals

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This summer, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration took the unprecedented step of listing 20 species of stony corals as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (E Read More

Disruption – the Movie: Peoples march for climate action September 21

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Disruption, the Movie is a call to arms to march on september 21 globally to take strong climate action. This is the people’s climate march. It coincides with a meeting at th Read More

Economic measures needed to tackle global warming

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In preparing for a workshop I was helping organise on Alternative Economics I came across the Degrowth Conference held earlier this year. The conference focused on the concrete ste Read More

In Pacific Islands, Tomorrow’s Leaders Must Act Today

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CI intern Danita Strickland writes about her experience speaking about protecting oceans and biodiversity at a youth forum at the U.N.'s International Conference on Small Island De Read More
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