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Hidden connections: how whales affect the climate

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One of the most interesting concepts touched upon by JB MacKinnon in his book The Once and Future World was that the role of animals in regulating planetary systems. George Monbiot Read More

Federal Carbon Tax Bill Introduced Into Senate

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Earlier this month, Rhode Island’s U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who has made climate change his signature issue, introduced into the Senate the American Opportunity Carbo Read More

White House Names City of Boston Climate Action Champion

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Last week, the White House recognized the City of Boston as a national leader in the fight against climate change when it selected the City as one of 16 winners of its fall Climate Read More

Check out Reef Relief’s Ed. Coordinator, Carly Shabo and Coral Campers on the #ClimateSelfie Project

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Check the Climate Selfie Project website out at Share Read More

Offshore Fracking Is Quietly on the Rise in the Gulf of Mexico

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December 05, 2014 By Zachary Slobig. Take Part A little-noticed expansion of hydraulic fracturing of deepwater oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico is unnerving environmental watchdogs Read More

What Does Climate Science Look Like? Here’s One Example

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Patricia Alvarez is one of many scientists sharing their research at the U.N. climate talks in Lima. Read More

Coming Clean: Strengthening EPA’s Clean Power Plan

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Even if it’s hard for our brains to accept, we all know the impacts to come from climate change if we don’t significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions now and throug Read More

Planetary Boundaries: defining the safe operating space for humanity

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Earlier this year I posted a blog about planetary boundaries – the framework that scientists have drawn to define the “safe operating space for humanity”. More re Read More

The Forest that Fights Climate Change

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As climate change negotiators gather in Peru, tropical forest protection must be on the agenda. Read More
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