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Biofuel Production Declines

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New Worldwatch Institute analysis examines the trends in global biofuel production   Washington, D.C.—In 2012, the combined global production of ethanol a Read More

What Has Been Causing These Historic Droughts?

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Showtime series explores links between climate change, drought and war (Image courtesy of Years of Living Dangerously) In a world where a forest the size of Germany is leveled and Read More

Caution: Dangerous Conditions Ahead!

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Volume II of the IPCC report contains stark warnings Climate change has already made a serious impact on our planet, from melting sea ice to severe drought to devastating coastal s Read More

Ocean Planning: The Path Forward for Deepwater Wind

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Thomas Edison, in his quest to produce a reliable, long-lasting source of light said, “Hell, there are no rules here, we’re trying to accomplish something.” As en Read More

A Fix for Natural Gas Leaks: Contact Your State Senator

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Literally thousands of natural gas leaks, invisible to the naked eye, are releasing methane across Massachusetts right now. That’s right, Massachusetts, home of innovation an Read More
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  • Date Added: Apr 2, 2014
  • By Environmental and Energy Study Institute

Patrick Administration’s New Electric Vehicle Rebate Program Poised to Rev Up Key Clean Energy Sector

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Last Thursday, Governor Deval Patrick announced the roll-out of a brand-new electric-vehicle (EV) rebate program in Massachusetts. At a celebration of the launch of the Worcester R Read More

You’re Fired! – I Quit!

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The owners of the troubled Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant chose to “quit” before they were “fired.” The recent regulatory decision by the Vermont Public Read More
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