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We need to preserve what little resources we have

To preserve the limited amount of natural resources we have

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Our natural resources are critical to human life on earth, however, our actions exceed the capacity of the earth to provide for us. Humans consume more of our natural resources tha Read More
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  • Date Added: Sep 13, 2009
  • By Queensland Conservation Council
Golden Toad (Bufo Periglenes), Monte Verde Toad

The Mysterious Golden Toad

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The Golden toad was the most brilliantly colored toads. It has been listed as an extinct species. It lived on a single mountain in Costa Rica. Climate change altered its breedin Read More
Glaciers are already melting due to global warming.

Climate Change

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Climate change in general refers to any long term change in local or global weather pattern when measured over a number of years. Climate also includes temperature, precipitation, Read More

Bayside Climate Change Action Group

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The BCCAG is a non-political, non-profit organisation created to serve as the collective voice on climate change for Bayside residents. Read More
Project AWARE

Coral Reefs And Climate Change

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Explains the relationship between climate change and coral bleaching. Because the ocean comprises nearly 70 percent of the earth’s surface, it is not only crucial to influencing Read More
Lets secure our childrens future!

To ensure the bright future of our children and our grand children

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Humans are not living in a sustainable way today, and the world that we pass on to our children, and their children, will not be able to support the same lifestyles we today enjoy. Read More
Free Youth Decide Concert!


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Vote now as part of Youth Decide - Youth Decide '09 is a national youth vote on climate change. Young Australians are asked to cast their vote for the world Read More
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  • Date Added: Sep 15, 2009
  • By Australian Youth Climate Coalition
Walk Against Warming

Walk Against Warming, Saturday 12th December in Brisbane

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All We Want for Christmas is a Safe Climate! The Brisbane Walk Against Warming is connected to rallies and concerts being held around the world on Saturday 12th December. The gat Read More
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