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Climate change – the challenge

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In addition to the international agreement we entreat our political leaders to negotiate, we need to band together as a global community to take real and local action starting righ Read More
Lets secure our childrens future!

To ensure the bright future of our children and our grand children

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Humans are not living in a sustainable way today, and the world that we pass on to our children, and their children, will not be able to support the same lifestyles we today enjoy. Read More
Golden Toad (Bufo Periglenes), Monte Verde Toad

The Mysterious Golden Toad

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The Golden toad was the most brilliantly colored toads. It has been listed as an extinct species. It lived on a single mountain in Costa Rica. Climate change altered its breedin Read More

Hungry Planet - What the World Eats

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This go green book is essential reading that provokes thought about the current food habits found across the globe. It deals with the changes that are being made in respect to food Read More

Climate change mixed news for marine species

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Written by Soraya Salleh We’ve all heard about global warming and climate change†, but what does it mean for our marine life? A rise in temperature, as little as 1 deg Read More

What’s Threatening the 100 Most Threatened Species?

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In September 2012, the IUCN released a list of the 100 most threatened species. Many of these species live outside North America but a lot of what’s threatening them hits clo Read More
Alliance for Climate Protection

Alliance for Climate Protection

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The Alliance for Climate Protection was founded in 2006 by Al Gore, Nobel Laureate and former Vice President of the United States. With more than 5,000,000 members worldwide, the A Read More

Peeps Need Nature to Thrive: Our Conservation Diorama Contest

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On CI’s Marketing + Communications team, we are always looking for new ways to illustrate how people need nature to thrive, a concept that is the cornerstone of all our work. Read More
Taiga Rescue Network

Taiga Rescue Network

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Taiga Rescue Network (TRN) is an international network of more than 200 non-governmental organizations, indigenous peoples and individuals working to defend the world's boreal fore Read More


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With everyone concerned about global warming and climate change, even Christians are standing up as defenders of the planet. These go green believers are going beyond the normal s Read More
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