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The City of Linfen

2. Linfen, China - feeding China's apetite for coal

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China's growing need for energy has resulted in massive pollution. Linfen, in the Shanxi province, sits in the middle of a coal belt, and has some of the worst air pollution in the Read More
A Smoggy Day in Tianying, China

3. Tianying, China

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Along with lead production, battery recycling centers in the Tianying area dump massive quantities of harmful heavy metals without regard for the consequences. The heavy metal poll Read More
Giant Panda at Washington DC Zoo

Giant Pandas: A Delicate Balance

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The Giant Panda is stuggling in the wild, and the captive population does not breed enough to sustain itself. How can humans help this gentle giant to survive? Read More
Red Panda

Red Panda (Lesser Panda; Firefox)

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The Red Panda, or “firefox,” is often referred to as the “lesser panda” in deference to the better-known giant panda. Few people outside its native habitat have even heard Read More
Women working in a chromium mine in Sukinda

4. Sukinda, India

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The unregulated chromite mining industry in the Sukinda Valley not only poisons its workers but also condemns the local population by flushing waste rock down the only river, and s Read More
Eco Friendly Resort in Sanya, Hainan Narada Resort & Spa Perfume Bay

Narada Resort & Spa Perfume Bay Sanya Cares for the Environment

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Awareness for the environment touch now Chinese hoteliers. Narada group of hotels have included several sustainable practices within their new eco-friendly resort. China Green Hote Read More

The World’s 10 Most Threatened Forest Hotspots

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A Zanzibar red colobus monkey (Procolobus kirkii) native to part of the Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa hotspot. Today, in an effort to focus the world’s attention on the n Read More


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Bob Irwin, wildlife conservationist and father of the late Steve Irwin, is pleading with China and the world not to eat our kangaroos, but to come and see them. Bob Irwin claims th Read More
Toyota to build Corolla hybrid

Toyota to build Corolla hybrid – reports

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Toyota has plans to produce a petrol-electric hybrid version of its Auris (known in Australia as Corolla) hatchback, a car that could also come to Australia, at its British factory Read More

China's New National Plan: Green by Necessity

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By Warren Karlenzig, posted Nov 30, 2010: China's new national 2011-2015 economic plan--essentially also its green blueprint--is now starting to be unveiled, then will be finalized Read More
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