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Eco-Friendly Nail Care

Avoid Harmful Nail Polish: Three Tips To Make Eco-Friendly Your Nail Care

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Manicured and well-polished nails definitely look great. Looking beautiful has its price. Although people like looking at manicured nails, it can cost people more than they have ho Read More
Eco- Friendly Dishwashing

4 Effective Tips To Environmentally Friendly Dishwashing

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It doesn’t matter how you wash your dishes. Whether you use a dishwasher or your own two hands, eco-friendly dishwashing comes with several environmental impacts. Two detrimental Read More
Eco-Friendly Office Landscape

Three Tips To Make That Office Eco-Friendly Landscape

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Do you love the eco-friendly landscaping around your office building? Most people love to see greenery and flowering plants around their office building. It certainly brightens up Read More
Eco-Friendly Recycling

Understanding Waste and Recycling: Four Tips to Be Eco-Friendly

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Have you ever given a thought to the amount of waste generated everyday? People spend most of the day at their workplaces and think nothing of the paper that was thrown in the tras Read More
Eco-friendly Sneakers

Eco-friendly Your Sneakers and the Eco-Challenges They Create

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We love our eco-friendly sneaker. Did you know that over 350,000 sneakers were purchased in 2004? That was up nearly 5 percent over the previous year. Read More
Eco-Friendly Nail Care

Eco-Friendly Nail Care Concerns

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Our obsession with manicured nails is rather odd. Think about how much they hinder you more often than not. But, as evidenced by the $951 million and counting that we spend on na Read More
Eco-Friendly Vacations

The Ecological Impact of Eco-Friendly Vacations

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Every year, 900 million of us take to the roads, skies and seas in search of eco-friendly vacations fun. Vacation dilemmas abound from how many pairs of shoes to pack to how to ke Read More
Eco-Friendly Bathroom


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It’s the first place you visit in the morning after getting up from bed. It’s the last place you visit before going to bed. Yes the bathroom. The bathroom is the one room i Read More
Eco Friendly Home Heating

Eco Friendly Home Heating

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Being eco-friendly is about minimizing waste right? Well waste isn’t just what you send out to the landfill without recycling, waste is the energy that you loose in heating your Read More


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ECO-Buy Limited is a not for profit Centre of Excellence in Environmental Purchasing, established to encourage the purchasing of environmentally preferable (green) products and ser Read More
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