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We need to preserve what little resources we have

To preserve the limited amount of natural resources we have

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Our natural resources are critical to human life on earth, however, our actions exceed the capacity of the earth to provide for us. Humans consume more of our natural resources tha Read More
Eco-Friendly Water Heater Energy

Six Tips To Lower Your Water Heater Energy Consumption

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How many people love to take a hot shower or bath? If you asked that question to a 100 people on the street, the majority of them are going to say they do love to take hot showers Read More
Super Green Sex

Super Green Sex

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Most of us don’t really think about one of the most hot topics in our lives that could use a little more eco love; our sex lives. Everything that we use in the bedroom from jell Read More
Eco-Friendly Energy

Four Tips To Make Your Business Office Eco-Friendly

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If you really think about it, you will realize that each person spends more time at work than they do at home. Every aspect of life related to work uses energy; starting from that Read More
Vegan leather & burlap sneakers from Brazilian fair-trade : TAYGRA

Eco-friendly nice sneakers from Brazil

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Fair-trade, eco-responsible brandmark, reforestation, vegan product, vegetable leather from rubber trees... TAYGRA is handmade & very trendy. Confortable, ultra-light & flexible, Read More
Oceana logo


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Oceana is an international, environmental organisation, the largest of its kind in the world, which focuses completely on the green conservation of the oceans of the planet Earth, Read More
Eco-Friendly Giftwrap

The Ugly Side of Eco-Friendly Giftwrap

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eco-friendly giftwrap. It’s the first thing your gift recipient sees. The “pre-gift” so to speak. With endless varieties and choice when it comes to paper, ribbons and bows, Read More
Green  Furniture

Top 10 Tips For Going Green With Furniture

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Furniture. It’s a part of your household. When you buy it, you make certain choices on how your home will look with it. The choices you make have a huge impact on your health and Read More
Amity Hook-Sopko

Amity Hook-Sopko

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Read More
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