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Boston Harbor Clean Up Comes Full Circle with New Grant for the Lower Mystic

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Despite a long history of industrial pollution, the Lower Mystic continues to be fished by local residents. Although there is a fish advisory upstream, which suggests that fisherme Read More

Emergency Action Needed to Reverse Cod’s Collapse (By Peter Baker, The Pew Charitable Trusts)

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Federal fisheries officials have a chance to halt the alarming decline of New England’s cod. But they can only do so if they take swift, bold action not only to reduce the nu Read More

Wildlife of the James - Migratory Fish in the James River

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By Gabe Silver, JRA Education and Outreach ManagerAs a fisherman, it is impossible to live near the falls of the James River and not feel fish in your blood this time of year. In s Read More

This Week in Talking Fish

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Catch up with the latest news on Talking Fish, a blog brought to you by CLF and other organizations and individuals who want to see a sustainable fishing industry in New England an Read More

Newly Discovered Fish Species Named After CI Marine Scientist

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New species of fang blenny (Meiacanthus erdmanni) named after CI's Mark Erdmann. (© Gerry Allen) A paper recently published in the journal Zootaxa described three new spec Read More

Septic Systems Slaughter Stripers: CLF Fights Back

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The other night, I broiled a gorgeous piece of striped bass for dinner. Though I savored each bite of this healthy, delicious, lean protein, I couldn’t help think of the grim Read More

Healthy Habitat Helps Create Healthy Fisheries

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One of the fundamental concepts of marine ecology and modern fisheries management is that fish and other ocean wildlife need various types of habitat to feed, grow, and reproduce. Read More

More boats and more fishing will end up in empty plates and empty future

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Fishing is not quite what it used to be. Even in the Pacific where images of sunny shores, palm tress and little canoes may prevail, reality underneath the waves is quite something Read More

UPDATE: Menhaden Fishing Cap - Promising Results for the Most Important Fish in the Sea

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UPDATE: Menhaden Fishing Cap - Promising Results for the Most Important Fish in the SeaBy Erica Fuller | Thursday, May 15, 2014 Menhaden NOAA Despite protests by industrial fishing Read More

This Week on – May 19-23

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May 19 - Reducing and Minimizing Bycatch - According to some estimates, as much as 40 percent of fish caught around the globe is discarded at sea, dead or dying. We Read More
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