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Fish decline forces name change on tuna tournament

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You know things are dire when this happens ... the long running annual ‘Extreme Boats Open Tuna Tournament’ off Whakatane has this year been rebranded the ‘Extrem Read More
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  • Date Added: Jan 23, 2011
  • By Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand

Introducing a New Place to Talk Fish

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Original photo: William Hyler If you read CLF Scoop or follow fishery management news through other means, you know that since last May, the New England fishing industry has underg Read More

This Week in Talking Fish

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Catch up with the latest news from, a blog brought to you by CLF and other organizations and individuals who want to see a sustainable fishing industry in New Engla Read More

The Trouble With Being a Turtle … or a Fisherman

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Throughout September, CI is bringing you stories about sea turtles and their conservation. Check out the Sea Turtle September website, see our blog post about a surprising new home Read More

This Week on – January 28 – February 1

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January 28 - New England’s Protected Waters are Threatened - Parts of New England’s waters set aside to protect cod, haddock, flounder, and other importa Read More

This Week on – June 10-14

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June 10 - Day of Celebration on the St. Croix - It’s not often you get the chance to celebrate such a clear victory for the environment as the return of the al Read More

This Week on – December 9-13

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December 10 - New England Council: Get Your Facts Straight Before Acting on Habitat - With New England’s groundfish populations at historic lows and the progno Read More

This Week on – May 12-16

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May 13 - No Refuge For Fish? Stressed Species Need Safe Habitat - Overfishing and warming waters are combining to create a potent one-two punch that threatens signif Read More

This Week in Talking Fish

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Photo credit: Catch the latest news from Talking Fish, the blog brought to you by CLF and others that is focused on the scientific, financial and social aspects at work Read More

Antarctica’s Icefish keep from freezing thanks to special proteins

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Living way down south, past the tropical parts of the globe and deep in the freezing cold waters of Antarctica, are some pretty amazing fish. Temperatures of -1.8°C should be e Read More
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