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Avocados are rich in vitamins and minerals and make a great hair mask.

Get a Green Beauty Routine

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Green beauty products save you from harmful chemicals present in most commerical skin and hair products. To started on an eco-friendly beauty routine here are ten tips. Read More
Baby Bum Sweater (Wool Soaker)

Buying, Making, and Using Cloth Diapers

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Although modern disposable diapers are convenient, they are expensive, take up precious landfill space, and provide unhealthy coverage for infants and toddlers. To save money, the Read More
Eco-Friendly Hazardous Chemicals Mouthwash

NumerousChemicals Regular Mouthwash: Make Your Mouthwash Eco-Friendly

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A mouthwash is advertised to kill bacteria that are found in your mouth and give you long-lasting fresh breath. Some of these claims are not true; mouthwash effectiveness is only t Read More
Eco-Friendly Meat

5 Ways to Eat Meat the Eco-Friendly Way

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If you wish to go green, there’s no need to say goodbye to eco-friendly meat completely. Look for small farms… local, organic and grass-fed varieties to fully satisfy those car Read More
Green Dorm

Going Green In the Dorm

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Setting yourself up in a college or university dormitory is a perfect opportunity to make eco-conscious purchases and commit to a green lifestyle. Read More

The Water Bottle Issue

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Movies, books, politicians – the water bottle is under siege. Carry a plastic water bottle at your own peril; the tide of public opinion is turning against you. From top rating Read More

Aluminium-free Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda)

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Every now and then, I'll go crazy on vegan doughnuts and get heartburn. Indigestion sucks, but I've found something that works. Bicarbonate of Soda - also known as Baking Soda. For Read More
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  • Date Added: Mar 23, 2011
  • By MuLondon - Natural Organic Skincare
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  • Date Added: Jul 27, 2009
  • By Australian Conservation Foundation
Vicki Schilder

Vicki Schilder

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Read More

Organic Certification

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Organic certification is a process whereby food growers must meet certain requirements in order to use the term "organic" in association with their products. no synthetic chemicals Read More
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