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Top 10 Worst Pollution Problems Report

The 2008 Top Ten List of World's Worst Pollution Problems

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The World’s Worst Pollution Problems report lists the most severe pollution problems with devastating impact on human health. This report highlights how these problems can be Read More
Metal processing. Bhiwadi, India. Photo by Blacksmith Institute

Metals Smelters and Processing

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Smelting is the process of separating impurities from metal with high heat concentration. Smelting causes pollution via contaminant-laden air emissions and the production of waste Read More
Burning mercury in Thailand

Artisanal Gold Mining

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Gold may be a gift of luxury or status.... but at what cost? Artisanal, or small scale gold mining is one of the biggest sources of mercury pollution in the developing world. Read More
Assessing radiation in Magadan, Russia. Photo by Blacksmith Institute.

Radioactive Waste and Uranium Mines

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Uranium Mining and Processing Wastes are a category of low level wastes of major concern because of the volumes of radiating materials concentrated in usually a small area, thus cr Read More
MPI Logo

The Mineral Policy Institute (MPI)

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The Mineral Policy Institute is an independent non-profit organisation that focuses its campaigns on the prevention of socially and environmentally destructive mining practices. Read More
Green Jewelry

Get the Dirt on Green Jewelry

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Don’t let looks fool you. Although sparkly, shiny and glamorous, the jewelry trade is dirty, dangerous work that wrecks havoc on local ecosystems. Read More
Industrial mining, Huaning, China

Industrial Mining

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One of the world's Top 10 Sources of Pollution is Industrial Mining. Careless mining activities pollute our air and our groundwater supply, leading to long term severe health effe Read More
Movement Against Uranium Mining

Movement Against Uranium Mining

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The Movement Against Uranium Mining is a community movement concerned about the dangers to human health and the environment brought about by the operation of the nuclear industry. Read More
Gloucester Residents in Partnership

Gloucester Residents in Partnership

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GRIP is a group of ordinary residents of the Gloucester Shire. GRIP has no political affiliations or agenda. Some members are directly affected by GRL's coal exploration. Read More
Australian Coal Alliance

Australian Coal Alliance

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The Australian Coal Alliance is a community action group formed to oppose the Wallarah 2 Coal Project proposal in Wyong hinterland, Central Coast by Kores, a company owned by the S Read More
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