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IPCC summary report at a glance, in their own words

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via Climate News NetworkRELATED STORIESReal Climate: The new IPCC climate reportMonbiot: Climate change? Try catastrophic climate breakdownIPCC report underlines the need for clima Read More

No warming "pause" says World Meteorological Organization head

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The head of the World Meteorological Organization says there is no standstill in global warming, which is on course to continue for generations to come. By Alex Kirby, Climate News Read More

So the planet stopped warming, says Rupert

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This week, Rupert Murdoch's "The Australian" dutifully reported as news an opinion piece, from 16 denier–scientists, claiming that the world had stopped warming, which had or Read More

Faustian bargain revisited: study finds zeroed emissions will add 0.25-0.5C of warming as aerosol cooling is lost

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NASA climate science chief James Hansen’s description of the aerosol dilemma as a “Faustian bargain” has been dramatically illustrated in a new scientific paper b Read More

State of the Climate 2012: an addendum

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14 March 2012: Australia's CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology have released their State of the Climate 2012. The report is here, there is a commentary at The Conversation, and I have Read More

After the Arctic big melt: (1) A hotter planet

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by David Spratt The Arctic is a place of seasonal climate extremes, and it will become more extreme as the planet warms. “In the most dramatic reconfiguration of the map of t Read More

Is global warming in a hiatus? Not if you measure global heat content

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by Prof. Andy Pitman, via The ConversationProf. Andy Pitman, Univ. of NSWOn September 27 2013 the 5th Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will Read More

The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic

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By Joe Romm, a Climate Progress cross-post “The decadal land-surface average temperature using a 10-year moving average of surface temperatures over land. Anomalies are relat Read More

Parts of Australia reaching threshold where it is impossible for normal life to continue because of the heat, says climate impacts researcher

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Some parts of Australia, such as Darwin, and some farms and factories, are likely to be  unviable in a 4°C hotter world, according to climate impacts research by Dr. Liz H Read More

Climate Change Feeds Hurricane Sandy

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By Robert Cooper, published on Monday 29 October 2012 by Science 2.0 Hurricane Sandy, 2012: Massive and dangerous Hurricane Sandy has grown to record size as it barrels n Read More
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