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Latex Mattress Materials

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Buying a new mattress is a big decision. Whether you’re looking for a mattress to last the next five years or the next 25, it’s important to know the materials that go Read More

Coyuchi CEO Karyn Barsa Gives Green Business Interview

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Karyn Barsa, CEO joined Coyuchi as its chief executive officer in April of 2009. Prior to Coyuchi, she served as president and CEO of Investors’ Circle, a network of individu Read More

Shouldn't We All Have Consious Minds?

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A start-up apparel company working to bring enlightenment into what we where. A while back out of Boston, a company called Consious Minds Ink called me to see if I would be interes Read More

Organic Towels – Go Green in the Bathroom

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Organic cotton, bamboo, and wood fibre towels have been described as superior to their conventional cotton cousins. The cost is surprising – an organic cotton towel set won’t Read More
T-Shirts Eco-Friendly

Five Ways To Make Your T-Shirts Eco-Friendly

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T-shirts are the most common apparel or piece of clothing that can be found in anybody’s wardrobe. Most of them are made from 100% cotton. Other shirts may not be solely made of Read More

Go Green! Hints for Eco-Friendly Clothing and Fabrics

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Start with a T-shirt and then save the world! When we consider clothing and fabrics for homes, we see a need for environmentally friendly materials such as organic fabrics and non Read More
Don't introduce toxic chemicals in the bedroom

Going Green in Your Bedroom

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You may think that there is not much you can do to go green in your bedroom, but really there is! Our top ten tips will make your bedroom a healthier place not only for the environ Read More
Eco-Friendly Sweater

Four Tips To Make Your Winter Sweater An Eco-Friendly Sweater

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Sweaters keep people warm during a cold and windy day. This is a basic necessity for winter season. People living in the colder region often cannot live without this particular clo Read More

Hemp, Organic Cotton, and Bamboo Create Environmentally Friendly Clothing Co.

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In an attempt to help save the environment, Hass Libre has come out with a new product line consisting of eco friendly clothing. The primary materials to make the clothing are all Read More
Non Eco-Friendly Toys

8 Ways To Keep Toxic and Other Non Eco-Friendly Toys from Your Child

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While it’s great for children to play, there are some items that should never be touched by children: poisons, toxins, gasoline, petroleum, fire, etc. Read More
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