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Green Party of Tennessee

Green Party of Tennessee

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The Green Party of Tennessee is a state-level political party in Tennessee, and is a member of the Green Party of the United States. The party formed in 2001. In 2012, the Green Pa Read More
Ditch the balloons and use Chinese paper lanterns.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Parties

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A green birthday party can be more fun than a traditional party! Imagine not having extra garbage or useless plastic toys lying around. To help you get started, here are ten tips t Read More
Have a potluck...mmmmm!

Throw an Eco-friendly Office Party!

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Many office parties are the definition of waste, but you know you have the guts to throw an eco-friendly office party! Here are ten tips to get you started. Read More
Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada

Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada

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We are North America's first federal political party dedicated solely to the protection of all animals and the environment. Read More

Green Party of Canada

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The Green Party of Canada is a federal political party which aims to provide greater stewardship for the environment, fairer government, and promote social justice issues. Read More
Accessing a file on a computer is far easier than digging through a stack of paper.

Go Green in the Office

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Go Green in the Office. Environmentally Friendly Ideas for Creating an Eco Friendly Office, Printing, Commuting, Stationary, Energy Consumption, The Office Kitchen, Mail and Courie Read More
Love yourself and the earth, guilt free!

Love yourself and the earth, guilt free!

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Scarlet Girl goes green with a sex toy recycling program and Green Business CertificationRead More

10 Years After 'The Party's Over': an interview with Richard Heinberg

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By Rob Hopkins, posted Nov 7, 2013: While running the risk of sounding like a Hello! Magazine reporter, I must introduce this post by saying that while in the US recently, I joined Read More
Eco-Friendly Government

: How to Change the Government to An Eco-Friendly Government

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Living in a democratic country could be considered one of the greatest blessings known to man. So why do so many Americans squander their rights and privileges of voting? Read More

Scarlet Girl

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Read More
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