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Green Baby Bedding

Keeping Your Baby Natural While They Sleep: 4 Tips to Buying Green Baby Bedding

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When you’re a parent, the most important thing in your life should be that child. With that being the case, why would you risk your baby’s health by using unnatural and chemica Read More
Epic Bedroom Furniture Collection

Epic Bedroom Furniture Collection

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Product feature on the elegantly modern Epic Bedroom Furniture Collection including panel platform bed and case goods. Read More

What are the Differences Between Adjustable Beds and Hospital Beds?

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Adjustable beds that allow you the option of raising your legs or your head while in bed offer many benefits to those who decide to use them in their own homes. It’s importan Read More

Worm Wicking – One Year On

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  Last August, I wrote an article for SGA about my first attempt at a Sustainable Wicking Worm Bed.   For details see (  Th Read More

Untangling the Weave of Thread Counts

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Most people are unaware that the term thread count when selecting sheets is more than just a pretty phrase (and corresponding number) to attach to bed linens. In fact, it’s a Read More

Benefits of a Mattress Protector

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If you have been shopping for a new mattress, like PlushBed’s high quality American made luxury mattresses, and looking at accessories that you can purchase along with your n Read More
Don't introduce toxic chemicals in the bedroom

Going Green in Your Bedroom

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You may think that there is not much you can do to go green in your bedroom, but really there is! Our top ten tips will make your bedroom a healthier place not only for the environ Read More

Getting Ready for the Cold

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Three things to help prepare your garden for the harsh winter months and to ensure a fruitful spring. Read More

Benefits of Hypoallergenic Pillows

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It’s not always easy to know the right kinds of pillows to purchase to meet your needs now and in the future. Purchasing the right pillow can make a world of difference to th Read More

Benefits of Spruce Heat-Treated Wood

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The PlushBeds Orthopedic Foundation is made of sturdy, heat-treated spruce wood. The decision to go with spruce wood as well as choosing heat-treated wood as part of our latex matt Read More
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