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Eco-Friendly Laundry

Eco-Friendly Laundry

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Laundry, it’s a dirty word, but someone has to do it. In the course of doing the eco-friendly laundry, almost 75 – 80% of our clothes lifecycle impact comes from being washed Read More
Green Laundry

How To Go Green With Laundry: 10 Tips To Help You Out

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Most people don’t like to do laundry. It’s one of those never-ending chores. However, you may think of it, laundry makes a huge impact on the Earth. Nearly 80 percent of clothi Read More
Washing Detergent

Go green with your laundry with natural and organic laundry detergent

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Natural and organic laundry detergents provide a more environmentally sustainable way to do your laundry. A “green” detergent is generally considered to be one which is manufac Read More
Organic cotton sheets are a green choice any day!

Go Green at Home

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Go green at home in this room by room guide which will give you tips and hints on how to create an eco-friendly home. Read More

Which laundry detergent works best?

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I have a secret love of all things laundry (which may be why this post is a little long). As a teenager coming back from boarding school I would spend days washing, line-drying and Read More

Laundry soaps for the adventurous

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First, thanks to everyone who responded to my soul-searching about the site. You may see some changes in the next while. But, rest assured, the feed (that's the emails to subscribe Read More

Laundry soaps for the adventurous

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This contribution to your eco-journey is based on input by Cindy Scott, my chief laundry adviser (she wrote the guest post on dryer sheets). Cindy has been experimenting with homem Read More

Coming full circle

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When I started this site, back in 2011, I posted lots of articles about cleaning products. Indeed my preoccupation with sorting the good from the bad in the world of eco cleaning, Read More

Vine Gave Green Living Guy Greenshield Organic for Testing on Laundry

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Thanks to for giving me the 38 oz. Pouch Laundry Detergent - Free & Clear to test! It does rock no kidding aside! Click here to buy on Keeping your clothes clean Read More
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

4 Tips On How To Go Green As You Clean With Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

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Chemicals within eco-friendly cleaning products contaminate the ecosystems and even cause skin irritations while polluting the home air. The cheapest and easiest way to keep out cl Read More
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