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Governor Scott: Kick Coal Ash Back to the Legislature!

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By Angelique Giraud, Energy Community Organizer Right now, Florida’s public health and the safety of our water resources are in jeopardy. Clean Water Action is calling on Gov Read More

Coal Ash: What Michigan State can learn from Town of Pines, Indiana

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By Tom Taylor, 2013 Energy Program Intern Coal ash is a byproduct of burning coal. It contains toxic chemicals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. One local producer of toxic coal ash Read More

Too Toxic Not To Regulate

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A 2011 Coal Ash Spill on Lake Michigan By Jennifer Peters, National Water Campaigns Coordinator Frustrated by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) continued delay in i Read More

Kick Badger’s Ash

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That about sums it up... By Susan Harley, Michigan Policy Director I spent my Memorial Day weekend in Ludington, MI enjoying Lake Michigan’s sandy beaches, dog-friendly hikin Read More

MSU: Kick Coal Ash

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Kicking Coal Ash at MSU By Brittany Weinstein Michigan Energy Program Intern On Friday November 1st, Clean Water Fund released a report about the dangers of coal ash pollution in M Read More

“New” Coal Ash Bill Fails to Protect Communities from Toxic Menace

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A 2011 Coal Ash Spill on Lake Michigan Congressman David McKinley (R-WV) is at it again. Late Tuesday night, he introduced a slightly revised version of the “Coal Residuals R Read More

Leaking Coal Ash – Right into Our Water!

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By Jennifer Peters, National Water Campaigns Coordinator Last month dozens of reporters gathered on the shores of Mountain Island Lake in North Carolina. They were there to hear na Read More

Pure Michigan: Where you can drink as much coal ash as you want

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By Alicia Vignoe, Michigan Executive Assistant Intern Lake Michigan I spend every Fourth of July week in Ludington, Michigan at my aunt’s cottage right by Lake Michigan. The Read More

Finally Moving Foward on Coal Ash?

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By Michael Kelly, Communications Director A 2011 Coal Ash Spill on Lake Michigan Coal ash is nasty. It’s toxic. It contains mercury and arsenic and lead (just to name a few). Read More

Giving Thanks for the End of Catfish Stuffing

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By Lisa Evans, Earthjustice – see the original post here. Five years ago, fish biologists scooped up a catfish full of toxic ash from the Kingston coal ash disaster. Last mon Read More
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