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Majestic Polar Bear

Polar Bear: Fight for Habitat

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Global warming is affecting all the animals of the world and the polar bear’s habitat is disappearing at a frightening rate. This beloved cultural icon will not have time to evo Read More
Polar Bears International

Polar Bears International

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Polar Bears International (PBI) is dedicated to the worldwide conservation of the polar bear and its habitat through research, education, and stewardship. Our focus is on saving po Read More

Polar Bear

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Polar bears are the heavy weight champions of the Arctic, with no natural predators except man. There are occasional reports of aggressive encounters between polar bears and either Read More

Polar Bear Update: Finding and Tracking Polar Bears

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Polar bears are one of the most recognized symbols of the north, but they may disappear. Thankfully, we have researchers like Environment Canada scientist, Dr. Nick Lunn, and his t Read More

Polar Bears Have Clear Hair, So Why Do They Look White?

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Earlier this year we asked you what colour you think a polar bear is? The answer is pretty surprising! Polar bear hair is actually mostly clear and their skin is black! So how come Read More

An Arctic Alliance

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Karla Dutton, Alaska Program Director Polar bear and cubs in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Credit: USFWS) Wildlife conservationists often view the success of their work sole Read More

Researcher Luana is Finding Out What Arctic Sea Ice Loss Means for Polar Bears

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Polar bear pal Luana has stopped by the Wild Wire to tell us what it’s like being a scientist studying the world’s largest land carnivore! Listen up to hear a tale of t Read More

Heading North

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With late summer in full swing in Anchorage, I boarded the early morning ERA flight to Fairbanks dressed in winter layers for the first time in five months. I expected cold tempera Read More

Polar Bear Update: Back in the Field

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The weather is getting colder and the waters of Hudson Bay will soon start to freeze. This means it is time for the Polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba to get ready to head back out Read More

Polar Bear to be Added to Species at Risk List

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At last, in part thanks to thousands of letters sent by Nature Canada supporters, Canada appears set to list polar bears under Canada's species-at-risk legislation. Ottawa gave not Read More
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